I’m seeing Red

Today CP and I headed into Cincinnati to see the Reds game.  Minus kids!  Let me take a minute to say watching a baseball game with kids is hectic.  You don’t actually see a complete play, let alone an inning.  Someone always wants a drink… and then someone always has to go to the bathroom.

Watching a game without kids is a Whole Lot Of Fun.  I was so thrilled to find a babysitter I would have paid her just about anything.  And No Tears from Chick when we left.  It could have been she loved the sitter or that I said if there were no tears we’d go swimming after dinner… either way it worked.

While the Reds did lose to Kansas City, 3-7, I managed to get some nice shots.  We were lined up off the side of the pitchers mound.  I’m happy to report after first baseman Joey Votto’s mistake on Friday he redeemed himself nicely today with two home runs.

Manager Dusty Baker
And the pitch by Sam LeCure
Joey Votto waits…

And he connects for a home run!
I never thought I’d be into baseball because I didn’t grow up watching it but I’m really starting to love going to games.  I wish we could do this every week.
*For those who are concerned, no, I will never stop being a Phillies fan.  But the Reds aren’t doing so bad these days.  It could be worse.

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