Book Review: My Soul To Keep by Rachel Vincent

My Soul To Keep by Rachel Vincent is the third book in the Soul Screamers series (free prequel e-novella also available on Kindle).  I initially stumbled upon the e-novella while searching for something free from Kindle.  Once I started there I had to know what happens to Kaylee Cavanaugh.  Kaylee is a banshee and when someone dies she starts screaming for their soul.

In the third book, Kaylee and her banshee boyfriend Nash, are trying to figure out how demon’s breath, a deadly addictive substance from the Netherworld, has made into the human world.  And not just into the human world but onto their high school campus.

The third book touches on the relationship between Kaylee and Nash and really forces Kaylee to make some tough choices.  Vincent removed the layer of perfection that surrounds Nash in the previous two books and this can only lead to great things for the future.  In some respects the way Nash was portrayed in this third book was frustrating.  The choices he made seemed to veer too far from the way I’ve come to view the character in the previous books.  I did not agree with all the choices the author made for Nash, specifically Nash allowing Kaylee to be possessed.  It felt a bit off and I was initially disappointed.  Having come to invest quite a bit of time in the characters of Kaylee and Nash, I would certainly be sorry to see their relationship come to an abrupt end in book 4 (coming early 2011).

There were some small bits that did distract me slightly while reading.  The characters always seem to be eating and drinking.  Occasionally it felt jarring in a scene to see them reach for a Coke in the middle of something particularly important to the story. (When Nash disappears into the Netherworld, Kaylee reaches for a Coke.  It just doesn’t seem to fit with the suspense of the plot and I thought Kaylee’s manner was far too calm for the moment.)

Overall, Vincent does an excellent job of portraying the real choices teens today face in this book; drugs, peer pressure and teen sex.  The characters in Soul Screamers are believable and multi-dimensional.  The story line intertwines fantasy elements with real life situations.  I’ve enjoyed reading the series and I am excited to see where Vincent will take the characters next.

*I was not provided with a copy of the book in exchange for this review.  I chose to write this review because I enjoyed the series.  The opinion expressed is solely my own.

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