The College Years: Revisited

It seems I don’t need to update my wardrobe from its woefully misguided college-ish look. That’s because I’m about to be in college again. Yep, I’m embarking on the journey of ‘that wasn’t fun enough the first time’ and I’m striking out to get a bona-fide Made at Northern Kentucky University degree. In journalism. The ultimate dying art seeing as digital is what the world is all about and no one’s dumb enough to pay for news these days. 

Crap, did I just say that?

Oh well.  For me, newspaper writing is the ultimate art form. I’ve been lucky enough to write for The Motherhood Muse magazine since last September. Very lucky. Now its time to put a degree behind my writing and see if I could actually make a career of it. Considering the tuition while not killer expense, yet not like change I’ve got floating around in the car, I’m certainly hoping this will pay off. I’m also hoping to land a spot interning (the ultimate of unpaid low totem pole jobs) for either Cincinnati Magazine or the Enquirer. But that’s down the road. 

The first step is chatting up the advisor and seeing what I have to take again (please don’t say math and science, please please please).  But for now, excuse me while I strap on my backpack and head back to school. I sure hope my PeeChee folders and Trapper Keeper are the latest in style.

It would be so awkward otherwise.

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