Writer’s Workshop with Mama Kat! It must be Thursday

It’s Writers Workshop day with Mama Kat.  I’ve chosen prompt three.

3.) “How long until you realized you had no talent or patience for this? Tell the story (true or fiction) of trying to learn a new talent or hobby that you only pursued briefly.”

When I was a young college student (as opposed to now when I’m old) I wanted to be an architect.  I spent years watching my dad who, while being a fireman, also did drafting for lots of people on the side.  I loved watching him draw.  The different tools fascinated me, all the template rulers and tracing paper and the shiny tubes the drawings went in; I thought I would be perfect for the job.  Eagerly I mailed off applications to various school with architecture or design as part of their majors.  Chicago Art Institute, Pratt, University of Idaho (lost a bit of glamour there but it was relatively close to home).  I was accepted and even offered a scholarship to Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science (now Philadelphia University).

I thought wahoo!  I made it.  The registrar handed me my shiny schedule.  Design I, Drawing I, Ideas and Images.  This was it.  I was going to be An Architect.

Until one very disturbing night when I entered the chapel (incidentally the Drawing I classroom) and my professor proclaimed

“You can’t draw!”

I’ll keep my opinion of said hack wench professor to myself.  But it was a blow.  My Design professor said I had a way of looking at things no one else did.

And this is a bad thing exactly why?  I could have been the next Mies van der Rohe for crying out loud!  But alas, it wasn’t meant to be.  And my young girls self got crushed and stomped on and deflated.  I spent many a night wondering just what I wanted to be NOW that my dream was mushed into the sidewalk.

And back then, my 18 year old self came up with Marketing.  I do have 60 credits towards a degree in that field.  I got A’s in my advertising class as a sophomore in a junior level class (I’m not trying to be bragging, just saying, damn it, I am actually really good at that).  Then life happened called – You’re Broke and no one will loan you any money, so you better work full time and go to school, then get married have kids and Life Happens.

So here we are today.  Where I’m about to attempt to get a degree, again, but this time in journalism.  I guess I really have that crappy drawing professor to thank for showing me what it is I really wanted to be whenever I decided to grow up. 

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