Random Tuesday Thoughts. If it doesn’t hurt then it’s not random

It’s that special day of the week again, Tuesday.  Please visit your leader Keely at The UnMom for Random Tuesday goodness.   If it’s better to be late than never, I’m going to win this one today.


It’s either hot as Hades here or raining and thunderstorms.  Could the weather please, please make up it’s mind?  And while I’m asking for the impossible, could you take the humidity with you? 

Is summer vacation over yet?

Didn’t think so but I just thought I’d ask.  It has already been the longest vacation and it’s only been three weeks.  I would love to say a lot is Thor just being aspergerian but I think it’s just really really early teen attitude.  Where can I find a good boarding school??

I love the girl but she just doesn’t get how to say baseball.

Speaking of baseball, I don’t exactly know how or why but I’ve become a dedicated watcher/lover of the game now.  I even follow Phillies/Reds tweets of games and get the Reds daily newsletter.  I don’t know what’s happening to me but I kinda like it.

Today the poor kids had to get in the pool for swim lessons in the rain.  I felt sorry for them. From the shelter of inside.  That’s what moms are for right? To feel your pain.

Did you know I don’t feel like working toady?  I feel like napping.  I’m pretty sure Im allowed to pencil that into my schedule.

I have about forty magazines piled up that I have yet to even break the cover of (some still have plastic on them).  If you need something to read let me know.

Does anyone know what unicorns and vampires have in common?  Me neither but someone at my writing group wrote a story about them.  Not sure I’m really digging that one.

That’s it for Random today.  See Keely for me.

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