Build the Platform or Write the Book? You tell me

I spent an hour yesterday (on top of my regular reads blog time) reading and commenting on blogs so I can ‘build’ my platform. Thus once I have my platform, I can sell my book on said platform. How the hell can I write the book when I spend all my time building the platform? 

Is it circular logic and that’s why I’m not getting it?

I want to read more blogs. That’s satisfying, interacting with other humans on a daily basis. I could get up at five I suppose or even six and bang out a few hours before the kids get up.

Who am I kidding? I can barely get up at seven. Usually I send Chick back to her room telling her to ‘read her books’ so I can get an extra twenty minutes of sleep.


I could stay up half the night, reading blogs after they’ve been sitting for twelve plus hours. Thus having every good comment already mentioned before I get there. (Happens all the time. I thought of the most perfect thing to say once and dang if it wasn’t already written by someone else. Thieves)

How do you balance everything? Kids, work (in my case finding time to write), regular shhtuff (as Thor would say) and reading/writing/commenting on blogs? I’m seriously drowning. I manage to find time to Twitter while stuck in traffic (always when stopped) or while watching my kids swim in the rain or something.

What are your surefire tips on Staying On Top of Everything? Anyone have a time changer? Because I sure could use one.

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