Let’s go shopping!

I started searching Overstock.com the other day and I found some things that would make life so much easier.
If I had these chairs (Boss Caressoft Reception Box Arm Chair) in my office maybe it would inspire me.  I could sit there and plot.  Or read.  Or stare out the window.  You know, whatever it is I do when I’m in my office. (Hint probably nothing productive.)
Or maybe I would vacuum with this (Dyson DC24 All Floors Vacuum) because seriously, it can do all floors.  I really need something that can do all floors.  The kids just aren’t cutting it these days.  They keep missing the corners.
I was also admittedly drooling over this spectacular piece I’d love for my kitchen.  The Kraus Stainless Steel Single Lever Pull-out Sprayer Kitchen Faucet .  Hello!  That’s pretty.  That would look great with the granite countertops I also am dreaming about.  I could look out the kitchen window while operating my faucet and see my family playing in the pool.  (The one that doesn’t actually exist.)
Now if I could just hire a nanny through Oversock.com, I’d be all set.

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