I want to plug in the iPod and disconnect from reality

Do you know how cool it is that Scott Rolen’s walkout music is by Coldplay?  I mean that just made my year when I heard it.  None of that rap nonsense like some players have.  Or heavy metal.  Ick.

Lately for me, I’m all about Coldplay (some of you hate them, I know, you don’t need to repeat yourself).  I’m loving One Republic.  Or the soundtrack from the movie Last Kiss (which I haven’t seen but it’s a Zach Braff movie so…I think I’ll pass).  It has songs by both Coldplay and One Republic. 

Coincidence?  I think not.

I’ve felt rather mellow in the music of late.  A little Black Eyed Peas never hurts, nor a bit of Muse, but I find myself drifting into a mix of things I used to love.  Erin McCarley, Dave Matthews, Sara Barielles (whose new album comes out in September if you’re interested).  I recently heard a song from my high school days, Insane in the Membrane.  I have no idea who that’s by but that song and Smells Like Teen Spirit were frequently played on the radio while driving to and from school.

Maybe it’s the thought of school that is making me feel nostalgic for the old days.  I could attend regular classes versus sticking to online ones if I wanted to. 

Heck no. 

I don’t want to be muddled up with a bunch of 18 year old’s who have nothing more to worry about that the next frat party.

If only life were that simple again.

Would you go back to the simpler days of youth if you could?  What music symbolizes your youth?*

Frequently heard in my past:

Blind Melon
Counting Crows
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Blues Traveler

PS. I do realize this post makes the most of rambling and nonsense (my two favorite things).  Pftt, oh well.

*There’s a distinct possibility I’ve asked this before.  But you’ll have to excuse me. I’ve had one of the more challenging days of summer with Thor.  This is about as complicated as I’m going to get today.

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