When you make that personal misstep

I am afraid I might have made a big misstep recently.  I’m definitely in need of advice in this situation.  What happened was this…

Not long ago I was messing around on Twitter (my newest downfall, because really, I don’t even like it, yet I use it).  If you know me at all, I like to spar with people on occasion.  It’s all in fun and I enjoy going back and forth, making that ‘personal’ connection.  I was sparring on Twitter with someone.  This Twitter sparring then moved on to email sparring.

Then, in my infinite wisdom, I wanted to ask this person something on a professional level several days later.  And I sent the request to their personal email, the one we were chatting through.  Primarily this happened because

  1. It was the only email I had at the time I was making my request because I was doing so from my blackberry while at Chick’s speech session. (Total time saver – look at me multi-task.  We’ll discuss later why multi-tasking has never been, nor will ever be my friend.  It usually results in messes like this.)
  2. I thought maybe the more personal approach would make it easier to speak (for the record the email was nothing but professional and was similar to one I sent to several other people I questioned in my research.)

I’m starting to wonder if I should have waited until I was at home and found out this person’s professional email.  Then I could have sent off my request that way.  I am the type of person who hates to offend anybody and often worries I have (when maybe I haven’t.  Who knows, this person could be on vacation and not be an obsessive email checker like myself.)

What do you think?  Would you be offended by someone (whom you don’t know other than an email or two) if they emailed your personal address and asked you about work, something you hadn’t previously talked about?  Or am I doing my usual and overreacting?

To add to my distress, I may actually be at the same function with this person on Sunday.  Hello, awkward.  I’m your new BFF.

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