Super Keely’s Cape

You may or may not know about Super Keely, but she’s my Polly Pocket doll I bought at the drugstore in Germany.  She’s a super hero.  With a cape.  She also bears a very odd resemblance to this Keely’s blog button.  So she was renamed from Lena to Super Keely.

Well, normally I don’t let Chick mess with her.  Super Keely rests on my desk (incidentally next to my Storm Trooper that Santa Claus gave me).  The other day in a fit of “Please give me five minutes to finish what I’m working on” I gave Chick Super Keely to play with.  And here are the result so of said play:

Super Keely’s cape has been destroyed while Super Keely was being shoved into a VW Beetle dressed up like a Chicago Police Car (don’t ask).  I need that repair guy from Toy Story 2.  Anyone have his number?

I still love Chick but I’m sure not going to let her touch the Storm Trooper.  She might tear his head off.

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