Allergy Advice

Thor recently underwent allergy testing for help with his Aspergers.  I felt bad when they pulled out twenty different scratch test capsules.  When he reacted really badly to those after only ten minutes (time is supposed to be twenty minutes), they pulled out the needles.

Then, I felt really, really bad.

Good news is he handled it like a champ (and only conned me out of twenty bucks of merchandise at Hobby Lobby and an ice cream at UDF).  Bad news is he’s allergic to EveryThing.  The doctors “avoid” list looks something like this:

Environmental: Grass, trees, weeds/ragweed
Food: Casein (milk), soy, peanuts

Do you have any idea how much cr@p is made with milk?  Or soy (especially soy)?

His favorite foods are: Peanut butter sandwiches, milk, macaroni and cheese and peanut butter cups. FanBloodyTastic.

I’ve been cramming my brain with information from and while it is helpful, they don’t really have what I’m looking for.  Which is to say, I want someone to figure this stuff out and just tell me what he can eat.  He loves milk.  LoVes It.  He usually has two glasses with dinner.  I’ve gone basically dye free since we lived in West Chester five months ago for his benefit (which is hard as heck in and of itself).  But while health stores are plentiful in Philadelphia, not so much around here.

As I tweeted yesterday we drove to Jungle Jims because it was recommend as the mecca of international foods (the German aisle was fantastic – they even had Kinderbars!, Leibniz and my favorite Zitronenkuchen!)  They have an incredible amount of gluten free foods and health/organic foods but it’s a forty-five minute drive.  Not fun on the best of days but especially less fun when it’s ninety-four degrees out.  We bought two Kinderbars for the kids and they literally melted on the three minute walk from the store to the car.

What I am hoping all of you might have, are suggestions of foods that are casein free (or calcium-rich, milk-like, non-soy substitutes).  Thor is the ultimate champion of picky.  He makes me as a kid look like the most adventurous eater ever.  If you are dealing with food allergies what sites, recipes and products can you suggest?  I’ll be forever grateful!

*Huge thanks to Mama Kat @ for sending me to her Allergies Shmallergies website for suggestions.

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