BlogHer10 The one and only recap you’re going to get

Ah, BlogHer10.  New York City.  It’s hard to say which I found more enjoyable.  I think I’d have to go with meeting Casey, Mrs. Bear and Small Town Mommy as my favorite parts of the trip.  I met them at BlogHer10 but we didn’t spend that much time at BlogHer10.  Except for the swag.  And OMG was there swag.

I never thought I wanted swag until I got swag.  It becomes a sickness.  A Sickness.  Once you get one piece of swag, then two then three…then you’re addicted and you really can’t stop.

Four full bags later…you’re screaming “I’m Done!”  I was literally swagged out.

But I didn’t have to bring my kids any gifts from NY because I got so much kid friendly swag.  Of course they are fighting over one Webkinz because it’s a dog.  And they both want it naturally.

Anyway, New York was fantastic.  Thursday night I met up with Casey and Mrs. Bear and we hooked up with two others and Keely (as in The Keely from The Un-Mom) and we ended up at this little place called Johnny Utah’s.

………..where there was a mechanical bull in the middle of the restaurant……..

Yes, a mechanical bull.  And no, no one in our group rode it.  (Plenty of scantily clad, thong going girls did ride it though.  Pretty sure it needed a good disinfectant during rides, if you know what I mean).  It was an interesting evening to say the least but a whole lot of fun.  After Johnny Utah’s we went back to the Hilton for the People’s Party.  It was lacking in people.  A definite non-party party in my opinion. 

Friday was the official start of the conference and Mrs. Bear, Small Town Mommy and I headed out to one of the writing sessions.  It was pretty much a bust though and we all left after about thirty minutes.  It seeemd to all be common sense and nothing earth shatteringly interesting.

But lunch was good, really good actually.  Friday afternoon was Swag Central.  Two floors of swag and one trip over to the Wilford? Walford?  I don’t know.  Whatever hotel was across the street from the Hilton that had the MomSelect / MomTV event.  Excellent swag.  My kids loved all the goodies they ripped from my fingers I handed over.

Friday night.  Surprise! we got all dressed up for the gala (and then didn’t go). We skipped back to our rooms to ditch the fancy dresses and got dressed down into our jeans.  The gang (that would be the three I mentioned above) and I went to Angelo’s Pizza and stuffed ourselves completely silly.  Nothing much beats New York pizza.  (Maybe New York bagels…) 

After dinner we walked down to Times Square and over to Connelly’s Pub.  The best two Irish bartenders around (seriously).  We do have a rule amongst the gang that what happened at BlogHer stays at BlogHer so I really can’t say what went on… 🙂 but it was fun.

Times Square

Saturday was the Matisse exhibit at the MoMa.  (What, did you think we went for the conference??  Right.)  The photography exhibit was the best part and I did get some pictures before my camera broke.  The MoMa also has the best place to eat; the Cafe 2 on the second level.  Yummy Yummy Yummy food.  Reasonably priced too.

Swag Bag(s)

After one session and even more swag, we ventured out to dinner at the other Connelly’s up the street from the hotel.  Afterwards we (briefly) attended the “High School-ish” Sparklecorn party.  Honestly, the whole weekend was a play on who’s popular and who’s not.  And how the populars ignore the not’s (like me).  I’m really too old for that nonsense…

We left the party to take Mrs. Bear on the subway.  Did I mention that Mrs. Bear has never been to NYC?  Crime that is.  But we gave her a great experience seeing as on the return trip the platform was closed, the subway lady wouldn’t refund our tickets (despite Small Town Mommy’s attempts) and we ended up taking a taxi back to the hotel.  But dang it!  We gave her a lasting memory!

All in all, BlogHer10 was fun because I got to meet people I both knew before and people I didn’t know but really liked.  Will I go to BlogHer11 in San Diego next year?  No.  Not even if I got my ticket for free.  I would much rather have a girls weekend with my gang and get giggly and have another one of those what happens at….stays at…. weekends.  Because those are fun.

What did you do last weekend?  Are you sick of BlogHer10 talk already?  I promise this will be my only post on the subject.

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