Beating the dead horse (yes, even more baseball…)

So is it a great time to be a baseball fan or what?  Especially if you’re a Phillies fan or a Reds fan.

But what if you’re both??!!

The Phillies took care of the Nationals today 6 – zilcho.  They’re hitting their groove only a couple of games back from first in the National League.

They have this guy as a fan:

And they have the Phanatic.  Who wouldn’t want to get shaggalicious with the Phanatic?!? (yes I’m claiming shaggalicious as a new word…)

Just look at that yummy green goodness…

Phanatic doing Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance was quite stirring too.  OMG click the link.  I can’t embed the video cause it’s from MLB but just do it.  Prepare to laugh.

One of the statues of Phanatic placed around Philadelphia this summer

I know my recent top defection to the Reds caused some upset in the house but really, look at the Reds.  Are they on a tear or what?  Huh?  Swept the Diamondbacks, took 2 out of 3 from the Dodgers and now onward to take care of Giants.  And they are Gonna Take Care of Bizz-ness.

Their mascot hasn’t got anything on the Phanatic of course (Mr. Redlegs, please someone enlighten me about why they call the Reds redlegs??)  But when youre winning the way the Reds are, who cares what your mascot looks like right?

Reds are 3.5 games over the Cardinals (whom I refer to as the Kentucky Fried Cardinals, hehe) and sitting in the sweet spot of FIRST place in the Central.  
Really, how can you not love baseball right now?  I’ll see you Saturday at Great American Ballpark where the Reds are gonna trounce some baby bears…(that would be the Cubs for the rest of you).
*I promise I’m going to try to stop talking baseball here but if or rather when my teams make the playoffs, just grin and bear it people!  I did think of making  Baseball for Women site but it seems someone already has.  

**Okay since Robin going to MAKE ME I’m making a baseball blog geared for women.  Would you read it?  Let me know!

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