Random Tuesday Thoughts: The posts don’t write themselves…

…unless they do.  This weeks Random Tuesday Thoughts is proudly brought to you by Me and Keely at The UnMom (her idea but she let’s me play along…)

This is where I would normally stick the Fugly buton we all know and love but…Keely recently relocated her blog to a new host and well…I can’t load the page.  Dang nabit.  So just envision the Fugly button people, okay?

Did you know I can now claim that I met The Keely?  Cause I totally can (hello BlohHer 2010).  And I’m pretty sure she only told me once to stop stalking her (she was talking to someone else that second time.  I’m nearly positive of that…)

See?  Real live proof –

She totally wants to be BFF’s.  I’m thinking about it…

I’ve become like a crack addict and I’ve launched myself at Twitter full press (@BlogMamaAndrea if you’re not already following!!)  Really, still don’t get the reason why (except to follow baseball) and yet I am on there All. The. Time.  What gives with that?

Baseball.  Yep, I’m addicted to that too.  I’m writing up that little baseball blog Robin is forcing me into (thanks!) and hopefully it’ll be ready for Monday.  Monday’s are going to be Mascot Monday’s over at The (Virgin’s) Guide To Baseball.  Catchy name, eh?  Thought of it myself and everything… Will you be reading it? Let me know.

Last week I told you about needing to take Thor for more concise testing for his ASD.  I called the Children’s Hospital for an appointment.  They directed me to a separate ASD center.  Which directed me to get a referral from my pediatrician.  And then call back for an appointment.  I’ll take Pass the Patient for a $1,000 Alex!

I haven’t watched the evening news (local or national) in a long time.  I always get my news online.  Does anyone even watch the news anymore??  That Couric lady still hacking it up?

If you consistently eat Grands biscuits with lavender honey you will gain three pounds in a week (especially if you add real butter.)  I don’t know this for fact or anything…I’m just saying.  Could happen.

I’m loving unemployment.  Too bad it’s not loving me back.  Maybe I’m just unemployable?  If I fill out one more application just so it can get tossed in the trash…

Have you been Coxed?  (Kudos to Gina for making it into Urban Dictionary!!)

If you use Twitter, do you look for people to follow?  I don’t search for people (unless I’m reading your blog and you have a link for Twitter, then I usually follow you).  I’m just curious if I’m the only one who simply lets other people do all the work…

What would you doo-oo for a Klondike bar?  If it meant I never had to watch that commercial again, I’d buy every damn Klondike bar on the planet.

I wanted to put up a video of my Fisher-Price Sing-A-Ma-Jig but my Flip camera broke.  Thankfully since it was still under warranty Flip is sending me a new one.  For that they rock.  They don’t rock so much for their CS making me feel like a COMPLETE FREAKIN’ MORON when I was on the phone.  I really didn’t need your help to feel stupid, just so you know.

Oh, I feel so good now that a dribble of the Random has escaped!  If you want to get your Random on head over to Keely’s to link it up!  Tell her that her BFF sent ya.

(Watch her site will be down and I’ll have composed this entire post for nothing…)

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