It’s Friday!

It’s Friday.  It sure took it’s sweet time getting here but it has finally arrived.  Since it is Friday, that means it’s also Shoe Friday over at Jodifur  and my shoes have the privelege of being a part of today’s celebration.  If you don’t know what Shoe Friday is you really need to pop over and check it out.

This is the dress I wore with the featured shoes.  It was for the BlogHer Gala Dinner Thingy.  Which means, since we didn’t actually do much more than dress up, go downstairs and decide the whole thing was really lame…I wore it for like ten minutes?  Fifteen?

Still awesome dress and fab shoes.  (Dress from White House Black Market and shoes from Nordstrom rack)

Trust me when I say the dress is actually much better than it looks in this crappy picture.  I was far too lazy to walk downstairs and get a proper camera.  And you know, not do it at ten o’clock at night when the light completely sucks.

Have you ever gotten snazzy for a party and then not actually attended it in favor of something better?

(In my case something better was the girls and I in Times Square and drinks at Connelly’s Bar.  Much more fun than being social with strangers.)

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