Random Tuesday Thoughts, in which I send adult text to my niece

Yep, it’s Random Tuesday Thoughts time and that means we all need to thank our Super Hero Leader, Keely over at The UnMom for creating an event that shall live a lot longer than we do.


On to the random-dumb-hilarious things I’ve done this week…

Last night, after dinner, I was sitting at the table, enjoying an adult beverage, when I got a text.  First thought Casey!! (Cause, seriously I Do Not Text.  Except with Casey, cause she’s special.) But I saw it was my sister with whom I’ve texted a few times.  Innocent enough (to start) it goes like this:

Sis: What are you doing   girly  (not out of line for my sis to say)

Me: Having a beer and getting ready to bathe the chick. Trust me alcohol is required.
Me: What r u up to?

Sis: Lol McK (niece) was trying 2 text my sil A and she was like oh my gosh i accidentally did aunt andrea! then she says “did u know she drinks beer?

(I was mortified I just sent that type of text to my 8 year old niece, on a Sunday, when neither of her parents drink, and they were probably still in their church clothes)  

Me: Oh my!! Guard ur phone woman!!!

Good news is niece couldn’t stop giggling about the whole thing.  Not sure I can either.

I met up with some new people this weekend for general entertainment and frivolity.  I’m pretty sure I repeated the same phrase three times in five minutes and came off sounding like a complete moron (in other words, I was myself…) I’m really not that inept at conversation.  I swear.

So! @JamieBlog on Twitter is having this awesome contest on his website Better Off Red.  You have a chance to win an autographed poster of Joey Votto from his recent Sports Illustrated cover.  Hello!  I want that.  I wonder if the fact that I sat at Mr. Votto’s table for dinner in July will get me any extra bonus points…(In case you forgot, here’s the photographic evidence of said dinner.)


Anyway, to win, you need to recreate Joey’s image on the cover.  It’s not as easy as you think.  Cause really, how can you top the original picture?

Looking for Tuesday’s Terms?  They are here.

Yesterday I endured the heck that is the after-school car line at SM Elementary because Thor had a doctor’s appointment.  If he took the bus home we wouldn’t have made it on time.  Next time I’d rather be late than repeat that form of hell…Now I know why they discourage you from picking your kids up from school.

I have four books I’m in the process reading (HP Deathly Hallows, Anna Karenina, All Quiet on the Western Front and some e-book I don’t even remember the name of it’s so boring) and yet I can’t seem to motivate myself to get through any of them.  With the exception of the ebook I’ve read them all previously.  I’ve been reading a chapter of each every couple of days.  It’s my own version of Book Readers ADD.

I’ve had a single small package of plain M&M’s on my desk for about two weeks.  Still haven’t finished them yet.  I eat three or four everyday and that’s it.  Now if they were Peanut Butter M&M’s or Peanut; I wouldn’t be blogging about it because they would already be long gone.  (FYI, eating an M&M then randomly eating dried cranberries a few minutes later – things that don’t go together.)

If you didn’t get enough Random from me, then you can head over to The UnMom and read all the other Random that’s going on around the world today.

If you have a Random Affliction, feel free to leave it in the comments.

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