Have you checked your breasts lately?

Normally the topic today wouldn’t be one I would really get down and dirty about on my blog.  But this is important enough to warrant some In Your Face Talk.  Breasts  As some of you who have been reading me for awhile know, a year and a half ago my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.  That ugly freaking C.  After radiation, she’s fine (and I’m praying will continue to be fine.)

But because of the “First Degree Family Member” designation, it was recommended that I have a mammogram before the usual 40 year old mark that is recommended.  I’m only 33.

I’m unique though.  Rare numbers just love me.  When Thor was born I was (unknown to me because I was – literally – comatose) diagnosed with placenta acreta.  I actually met someone at BlogHer who not only knew what that is but had it too.  This condition (essentially the placenta becomes a tumor and you hemorrhage) only happens to 1% of women…and those women are usually over 40 and have had more than one pregnancy.

I was 24 and on my very first pregnancy.  Basically, I had to have a hysterectomy in order to save my life.

Back to breast cancer.  Because of my other rarity, my GP said my lifetime number for breast cancer jumped from the average woman’s 3% to 17%.  SevenTeen Percent lifetime chance of breast cancer.  It doesn’t seem like a lot in the realm of 100% but it’s a significant amount over the normal 3%.

And I am anything but normal as most people know…

So yesterday I had my very first mammogram.  I feel like I should get a gold star sticker or something.  An I Loved My Boobies Today! sticker or something.  Really, wouldn’t those be an awesome campaign tool?  The event itself was under twennty minutes (if even that!!) and yes, it was uncomfortable in the they-pinch-and-squish-your-girlies kind of way.  But it was nothing that I couldn’t handle.  The tech fully explained everything to me and I felt completely comfortable with what she was about to do.  As comfortable as anyone can be when they are have undressed at 8:45 in the morning and haven’t been allowed deoderant, perfume or any kind of scented lotion…nothing makes a person more aware of how they smell (or don’t smell) than that.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month of course but there is no reason why YOU shouldn’t get checked out now.  When October comes wouldn’t it better to say that you’ve already had your mammogram?

I dare all of you to get your mammogram, find out your number and be aware.  For those innocent males who read this post today, encourage the women in your life to be checked.  Aunt’s, mothers, sisters, wives and friends!  Save your life!  Get checked!  Now!

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