Random Tuesday Thoughts: One Dead Fish

It’s Random Tuesday Thoughts time!  Join Keely at The UnMom for lots of Random Tuesday Fun.


My teams lost yesterday.  That kinda stinks. I had this to say via Twitter:

BlogMamaAndrea Me: “Those boys need a spanking!” CP: “And you’re more than willing to give them one?” Me: “Yes!!” #reds 4 #rockies 5 in the 5th

about 4 hours ago via web

Yep, and that would have worked too.

I read this article in Philadelphia Magazine by Richard Rys last week and was completely sickened by what’s happened to Old City.  Old City used to be where I went in college for First Friday’s (art gallery showings the first Friday of every month) and then Italian food.  It’s supposedly becoming the Jersey Shore of Philadelphia.  One restaurant owner was quoted as saying she couldn’t tell the regular people from the hookers.  That’s really, really sad.

The best line from the Green Zone with Matt Damon:

How do we know we’re not walking into an ambush?
We don’t. Put your F-in game face on.

I feel the same way every time I go to Walmart.

Thor’s beta fish died last night.  I’m amazed it survived that long.  It had been with us since May? June?  I thought he might get upset but his only words were “Well, it only had a 14 day guarantee mom.”  Right you are my son, right you are.

I found a library receipt from 8/06/05 in one of my books.  I’ve saved it (consciously).  It was the first time I read the first Harry Potter book.

I’ve also kept my traffic ticket from the Polizei.  I have no idea exactly why.  Fond memory maybe?  Eh.

As always, it’s also Tuesday’s Terms.

That’s all the Random I have time for.  If you like Random then head over to see Keely at The UnMom for more.

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