This is what it’s really like

Awhile back I had the opportunity to interview a sports beat writer from Philadelphia, Kevin McAlpin.  It was great.  He was really nice (and didn’t laugh in my virtual face when I asked silly questions).  But I need all of you to click over to The (Virgin’s) Guide to Baseball and leave some comment love.  Please.  He’s a real writer and a really nice guy and I don’t want to look like a schmuck if no one comments.  So comment.  Tell your friends to comment.  The best thing is that it is not all baseball talk.  It is about what it’s like to have writing about a sports team be your job.  While this writer doesn’t travel with the Phillies…a whole slew of them do.  162 games a year, 90 or so on the road…just imagine.

PLEASE! Go and read! (shameless begging…I’ll mention you in my will…etc.)

So, yesterday while I was making dinner, the doorbell rang.  Thor told me it was E from down the street.  I told him he could answer the door (you can’t see the front door from the kitchen).  I thought she was asking him to play.

How naive am I?

She was soliciting donations for the school walk-a-thon (for which Thor will solicit a $35 check from me with a grumble and a shake on Friday morning.)  Most – okay – everyone had donated five bucks.  Eh, I’ll give her five bucks.  I wrote my name on the form, wrote down five bucks…

…then asked the dumbest question in the world.  Do you need the money now?

Of course she does…

What do I have in my wallet? $20’s.  Of course I only have $20’s for the first time in the history of history.

When I handed her greedy little paws the $20 she said “Sw-eeet!”  Yeah, I’d say that too if I just handed over $20 that had no intention of ever going near a child’s hands.  Sigh.

This means I’m up a tree because now ALL the kids are going to come knocking looking for their $20.  They’re going to expect giant sized candybars at Halloween too aren’t they??

The only consolation I’m taking from this is that the next person she goes to will see that the City-Snob-Who-Never-Goes-Outside gave more than any of the rest of the neighborhood! HA!

Not my proudest moment but I’ll take it anyway…

Have you ever accidentally given far more than you intended to?  Please tell me about it and make me feel better!  (And go over and leave a comment over here too!)

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