Not enough to be one cohesive thought…

Next month I’ll be jetting off to Idaho to see my parents and my sister and her family.  I saw my parents this summer in Kentucky but I haven’t seen my sister in nearly two years.  That’s definitely far too long but with life being what it is…it’s not easy (nor inexpensive) to travel these days.  Everyone’s schedules are so complicated.

This will be a solo trip for me and it is reminiscent of my trip a year and half ago to Idaho.  When my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer I flew from my then-home in Germany to Idaho for a week.  Not long ago I underwent my first mammogram because of my elevated risk of breast cancer.  I’m still waiting for the results but I have no (real) reason to believe they won’t turn out to be just fine.  But thinking about all of that…I miss my mommy.

Let me pull out my woobie and start sucking my thumb…


Recently, I read this post over here at DadsHouse about blogging and PR.  What is my blog worth?  You’ll have noticed that of late I’ve been doing a lot more giveaway’s and reviews (ever since that expedition to BlogHer).  It’s both a blessing and a curse.  I’m getting some free stuff…but what am I really selling?

It’s not the products I’m questioning but rather what is the purpose of my blog?  Am I writing to review products and promote the economy?  (Lure you into buying…stuff.)  Or is this blog really about writing for me?

I would have say this blog is for me and not about pimping out products.  Plenty of blogs do both successfully but I don’t think I’ve become one of them.  I have wondered if the somewhat sudden downturn in comments and visits has to do with all the promotions I’ve been doing on my blog.  Should this be a promotions free zone?  I do have a specific reviews blog and usually mostly sometimes I remember to move the review posts there after a certain time period.  I’ve been slack of late on that.

If I made my blog and my reviews separate would that make you more likely to tune in here?


Of course there’s that other blog I write.  And despite my desire to make that into something, I will continue to write it because it makes me happy.  If people also want to read it, then all the better.  If some company or team wants me to represent them and send me to games and stuff, you can click the Email tab and send me your request. *wishful thinking*

I read about being a virtual assistant the other day over here at Chris Brogan’s site (the post is really about finding work and thanks to CK Lunchbox for the link).  Wouldn’t that be a nice job?  I’d love to be a virtual assistant.  If you know someone who needs one, Email Me!

Chick and were watching Thomas The Magic Railroad (Alec Baldwin and Thomas the Train, ugh!) and I couldn’t help wondering what image we are projecting to our kids.  In the opening five minutes you have this picture perfect Main Street with a juggler in a phone booth and a little boy walking down the street carrying a fish bowl.  Yes, those things can be seen everyday in my own XYZ town. *sarcasm*  I get that it’s a movie, and an older one, but what ever happened to at least trying to be realistic?  Imagine being a kid and seeing this as what life should be like and then finding out It’s.So.Not.

Talk about disappointment.

So this post is one uncohesive jumbled thought.  The pictures have zilch to do with anything, I just needed something to break up the topics and *** seemed far too ordinary for me.

What’s jumbled about in your head these days?  Should this be a review/giveaway free zone?  And how funny is that last picture? (That was a Tweet on the official St. Louis Cardinals Twitter account.  A mistake and one that no longer exists but soooo funny!)

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