Fan flops and flips

Bear with me if you will because this isn’t specifically all about baseball.  It’s about fans in general.  The situation has to do with baseball fans but I think it can go across all sports and all fandom.

Reds fans are twitchy.  They lose one game and it’s all doom and gloom.  The sky is falling.  They might as well turn off the field lights.  Forever.  One pitcher throws an admittedly bad few innings (and blames no one but himself by the way) and already the “fans” are calling for them to be traded into oblivion.

To which I can only say…

What’s up with that?

Have you ever been a Phillies fan?  Have you ever seen how horrible they can be?  Do you think Phillies fans wench and moan?  Absolutely.  They do it with amazing style.  In fact, I don’t know another sport that has as awesome of a Wench and Moan fan base than Philly sports.

But at the end of the conversation there is always the phrase “We’ll get them the next game!”  Because Phillies fans are true fans.  That’s what fans do.  They step up and say yeah, they were crap this game but we still love them.

I haven’t really seen a Reds fan yet that does this.  Do I think the recent meltdown in the 9th when we needed one single strike to win the game was cool?  (Not only did we not get a strike, the Pirates drove in three runs…to win.)

I did not think that was cool.  In fact, it greatly sucked.  Am I still believing in my team?

Absolutely.  Because I am a fan.  My job is to support the team and that even means supporting them when they don’t win a game.  How else can we expect them to climb out of the hole and perform if they don’t get any fan support?

Just as you need run support and field support you also need fan support.  I’m not on a ‘bandwagon’ for the Reds.  If you’re on a wagon, you can always fall off. 

I am a Reds fan.  Win or lose.

What team do you support?  Do you know people who have this kind of attitude (about anything)?

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