From now on this is the way it’s going to be

I’ve realized as I said earlier in the week that plugging products is not my forte.  I’m not particularly enjoying writing reviews for pretty much nothing in return except the occasional product.  While free stuff is nice…it’s not been worth losing followers and comments over it.  Reviewing free stuff: That’s not what My Blog is for.

So, from now on, this is how it’s going to be…

Vintage 1930's Fashion Woman Telephone

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If you have a product that you think my readers would like, that’s great.  I’m more than happy to offer you ad space on my blog for proper payment (blog layout restructuring coming up after the weekend). But I’m done giving away my time and thoughts for free.  If you want to pay me with actual crisp dollar bills (twenties preferred but fifties work too) then send me an email and we can talk.

If not, then I’m not interested in giving people something for nothing.  I value me a lot more than that.  A lot of this has come about after reading several posts from, ironically, dad bloggers.  Apparently they get asked to hawk free stuff too.  You can find those posts here DadsHouseBlog and Clark Kent’s Lunchbox.

They are not the only bloggers to have blogged on the subject.  Nor should they be the last.  I’m done selling my blog soul for nothing.  If there is one thing I have learned besides that, it’s that companies should never underestimate the power of a blogger.

Haven’t they heard?

We’re taking over the world.

 *No offense intended to those who DO have promotions/giveaways on thier blogs.  It’s just not me.

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