Review: Scotch Brite Greener Clean Sponges

One of the mnay booths I had a chance to visit at BlogHer included Scotch Brite.  The booths do tend to blend together after two days of non-stop swaggalicious fun but Scotch Brite stood out in my mind for several reasons.

One, they asked us for our best eco-friendly household cleaning tips and recorded them.  That’s win-win because half the best ideas for keeping things clean come from other people.  If you want to see some of the videos from the event you can go to this link Scotch Brite BlogHer.  Let me know which tip you found most helpful!

The second reason Scotch Brite stood out in my mind was the incedible Greener Clean Biodegradable Expanding Soft Sponge.  Don’t know what I mean?  I filmed it for that exact reason.

I really loved watching it expand.  It was just like watching Sea Monkeys.  Even better the sponge was fantastic for cleaning my dirty sink.  In fact I haven’t decided which product from Scotch Brite I like the best; the natural fiber Non-Scratch Scour Pads,non-scratch Scrub Sponge, or the Absorbent Sponge.  I love that they are natural fiber and eco-friendly.  Scotch Brite is making a difference by using natural and recycled materials and you can too!  Remember to go eco-friendly bring your own grocery bags to the store, recycle trash items like cans, glass and plastic bottles and cardboard.  Every little bit can make a big impact!

What tips do you have for recycling and cleaning that you would like to share?  Leave them here!

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