Another Fashion Victim Recap

Awhile ago, quite by accident, I wrote about products I saw in magazines that were highly over priced for what they were.  Anyone remember the $249 ion hair dryer?  And the dress with $9,000 feathers? After that one post, another magazine came in the mail and I again felt compelled to impart my wisdom on the ridiculousness within it’s pages.

Well, it’s time for another edition, this time inspired by the Wall Street Journal, that serious work of all papers.

Serious except when toting a $1,295 shirt on the front page of the Personal Journal page.  The shirt is from Donna Karan Internationals new Look 6 collection, a whimsical tuxedo-esque shirt with a plunging neckline, long cuffs and frilly ruffles.

For that price it also better babysit my kids, cook dinner, fold the laundry and send me on a tropical vacation.  Three out of four, that’s all I ask.  The price quoted is not the runway price, that’s flat out retail price if you were to walk into Saks Fifth Avenue or Neiman Marcus and gobble it up.  Let’s face it we all have that kind of change for a white shirt don’t we?

I admit, I like clothes like any woman does.  And I like nice clothes. While my closet may be littered with tops from Michael Kors and a couple cocktail dresses from White House | Black Market, there’s plenty of Target mixed right in.  I appreciate a good bargain on my designer-ish clothes, never, ever pay full price and only buy those that will last me many seasons (in other words no feathers).

There are even more ridiculously priced products out there though and let’s get right to pinpointing them.

Up first is a very Is it a slip, is it a dress, who on earth put that together? dress (?)  I don’t know exactly.  You be the judge of what it is.

From Vogue’s Spetember issue, Givenchy dress p. 641, $4,770 Feel the bargain love.

The next one, I really can not figure out.  The campaign itself was kinda cute, Monsters Inc themed.  I like that movie.  But why you would ever wear these furry blue mittens is completely beyond me.

(so you can blend in with Cookie Monster??)

I know it’s hard to focus on the mittens with all the other stuff but that’s what I’m trying to do. J. Mendel blue-fox mittens $680 Vogue Sept. p. 682

The next one I do feel somewhat bad making fun of.  The coat’s designer, Alexander McQueen committed suicide last year.  A very tragic way to end what was apparently an unhappy life.  The clothes do however speak to the 70’s, a trend I can not and will not EvAh get behind.  Plaid+Polyester=Hideous

McQ by Alexander McQueen jacket, $845 and Organic by John Patrick trousers, $485. Blech.

Maybe you regularly dress like this, maybe you don’t.  But I can’t see the bargain or the value in any of these pieces, not at those prices. (And some of them not at any price…)  One of the funnier items is the Yves St. Laurent iPad case (not pictured)….for $795.  If I’m not mistaken (always a possibility) isn’t the iPad like $495?  That would make the case more expensive than the product it protects.  So, do you buy a case to protect the case that protects the product?  (We’re moving into ridiculous territory here.)

Until the next Fashion Report, as always let me hear your own ridiculous bargain item stories.  I love  a good laugh every now and then.

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