Let’s get sleepy

I’ve made no secret of my inability to sleep lately, either here or on Twitter.  For the record this is nothing new for me.  I’ve been afflicted with sleep problems since I was a teenager (and probably long before that).  One thing people don’t tend to know about me is that I hate taking medicines of any kind.  It’s not a huge surprise then that I’ve waited eighteen years to finally see a doctor about my sleep issues.  I mean, it could have cleared up on it’s own…just give it time.

I started with some sleep med that is the generic for Ambien.  Two weeks of good, then less good sleep.  By the time the last week of the pills had arrived I was waking in the middle of the night, occasionally unable to fall back asleep.  A sleep med is not supposed to allow you to do that.  You should sleep and sleep all night.  I contacted my doctor and she decided we needed to get all up in sleeps face and gave me Ambien CR.  The ongoing ordeal with the insurance company to pay for said medication is a whole other post in itself.

But here’s what’s happened in the four nights I’ve taken this new Go to Sleep and Stay Asleep medicine.

Nights one and two were fine.  I fell asleep very quick after taking it and stayed asleep.  Let me back up a second and say I read every single word on the Caution sheet.  From the top of the fine print to the bottom of the fine print.  Some of the cautions and warnings included the following:

Some patients taking this medicine have performed certain activities (eg sleep-driving, making and eating food, making phone calls, having s*x) while they were not fully awake.

I’m sorry but that is the funniest caution I’ve ever heard of.  And, I didn’t believe it either.

Until night number three with Ambien CR.  I awoke about three am, confused, thinking I had not yet fallen asleep, and seeing the world like I was looking through a kaleidoscope. 

I have never taken any kind of drugs other than those prescribed, but if that in the middle of the night experience was anything like dropping acid…I kinda get why people do it.  Stupid and dumb but woah, it was…trippy.  (pun intended)

Let me say that I am not eager to repeat the experience, just that it was kind of wild.  I did fall back asleep again within minutes.  Thankfully, when I awoke in the middle of night four, no flying unicorns or dancing rainbows were involved.  But it does make me pause and wonder why after only two days the magic Sleep all night pill isn’t working.  Am I really that resistant to it?  Me who hates even taking Tylenol?

It’s distressing to know that the sleep that people talk about getting may never be something I’m going to experience again.  Who knows though?  After all, it’s only been 18 years…there is hope.

Do you sleep at night?  What do you do to catch some zzz’s?

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