Random Tuesday Thoughts: I velcro’d a Monkey’s Butt

It’s Random Tuesday. If you don’t know what it is, you’ve been living under a rock, go see the fearless leader, she’s our SuperHero…don’t know many more ways I can say so just Click It.  The UnMom.


Last week the family and I went to a Reds game.  Before the game one of the pitchers, Bronson Arroyo, was sitting outside with a guy playing guitar…giving a free concert.  Arroyo can totally sing.  I ordered his cd and it came in the mail.  Completely love at first ears.  I kid not.  Go to his site and listen for free, then buy it!  Not bad for someone who also kicks butt at pitching!

I got to test out Junior’s Cheesecake thanks to 1-800-Flowers a few weeks ago.  Oh so yummy!  It was delicious and didn’t last long around here.  If you have a need to order something yummy for friends, family or yourself you should definitely go to 1-800-Flowers and look up getting a Junior’s Cheesecake; it’s heaven in a box!

This falls under the category of something you might like, so I’m sticking into Random Tuesdays to spread the word.  It’s tomorrow!!

Designers Stewart+Brown Talk Eco Fashion 9/22: “Wicked Fresh! Tom's_logoWednesdays” Live Video Chat Series Finale
Participate in the LIVE online Q&A with Karen Stewart and Howard Brown and Get a Chance to Win One of Two $250 Stewart+Brown Gift Cards

When: Wednesday, September 22, 2010 – 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. PST / 8:00 p.m.to 9:00 p.m. EST

Where: Hosted on Tom’s of Maine Facebook page –www.facebook.com/TomsofMaine – via the Live Chat tab

What: Tom’s of Maine “Wicked Fresh! Wednesdays” live video chat series with Karen Stewart and Howard Brown, founders and designers of the pioneering sustainable clothing line Stewart+Brown. Get the insider fashion scoop about their fall fashion tips, balancing entrepreneurism with family, how they source their fabrics and much more.

I checked out a book from the library called “Get A Life That Doesn’t Suck” by Michelle DeAngelis.  It has a picture of a straw stabbed into a lemon.  Don’t know what the books even really about other than not having a sucky life.  Cover totally sold it though.

One thing I hate about the local library is when they say they have a book online, but when you get there…it’s nowhere to be found. Always happens.

Every night about 5 I get all dizzy (I don’t know what that’s about but I’m sure not enjoying it).  On Sunday Chick was playing with my hair while I was sitting on the floor.  I actually had to lay down.  She put a pillow under my head, covered me with a blanket and gave me her pink fluffy dog to sleep with.  Then she brought me a lollipop.  This kid rocks.

I literally velcro’d a monkey’s butt yesterday.

Have you listened to any good music lately?  I’m currently in love with Sara Barielles’s new cd, Lifehouse, Matt Hires and the soundtrack to The Last Kiss.  Other popular iPod pop ups are On the Rocks (All the Above), Jurassic 5 (with Dave Matthews – Work It Out) and The Band Perry (If I Die Young).  What are you listening to? (I haven’t played Pearl’s iPod Predict’s The Weekend shuffle in awhile.  I may have to do that this week.)

Thor got himself three minutes of fame on Friday.  You can see it over here: Better Off Red.  (He’d be thrilled if you clicked through!!) FunkBlast.

Again, I’m already all randomed out.  I have to stop trying to write these in advance, late at night, while watching baseball.  On that note, I don’t know what I’m going to do when the season ends.  Take up basket weaving?  Oi.

If you want even more Random go see Keely at The UnMom.

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