Doctors lie. Oh, my aching foot.

I had surgery on my heel once upon a time.  I really didn’t blog way back when I had this going on. The blog was a brand new baby (and my baby was still nearly a baby back then at 4).  It did throw some serious incovinece into my lfe.  It was lots of fun having my parents and MIL take it in turns to have to babysit not only my kid but me.  Because I a) Couldn’t drive since it was my right foot. b) Couldn’t stand on my foot for three weeks (and longer till I could drive) c) Couldn’t navigate stairs to save a dang with crutches.

I did however devise a fairly awesome system of getting from the kitchen around the island and into the breakfast room with a cup of coffee (having lots of counters really saved me.)  I am proud to say I only fell twice with the crutches and both times involved stairs, so that really can’t be helped.  I was the model patient.  I didn’t stick hangers down my cast.  Or pencils.  Or rulers.  Oh, be sure, I thought about it.  A lot.  When you get an itch inside a cast, you’ll claw it off with your bare hands if properly motivated.  I was never that motivated.

So why was I in a cast for three weeks and a walking boot for three more (which also included being in the boot while on a house hunting trip in Germany)?

I had a cyst inside my heel.  All I know is that it was painful, and annoying, and made me tell my kid more often than not that mama’s boo-boo foot hurt and I could not chase him around the yard.  The doctor said in order to remove it (which may or may not solve the problem) he would cut into the area right beneath my ankle bone and drill a hole into my heel and take it out.  Sounds awesome, huh?

So I did it.  I underwent the knife-o-la two days after Christmas circa 2005.  It only took about an hour I think and was an outpatient thing.  I was resting happily drugged up in my own bed by mid-afternoon.  By the next day I was struggling to wait out the every six hours for pain pills.  I really don’t know what I was thinking.  Honestly and truly, I’ve never had pain like that before (and I’ve given birth…).

Eventually pain subsided and it became just annoyingly numb but I was told it would go away with time along with the swelling and the scar.

Fast forward five and a half years.

I’m typing this while wearing shoes.  In the house.  A no-no.  But because said foot hurts so freaking bad I’m forced into trying to offer it some support.  Which doesn’t really work but makes me feel like I am doing something to solve the problem.  The scar has finally faded into something I’m not embarrassed by.  (A bright red welt across your foot looks awesome with heels a cocktail dress, just FYI.)  The pain is back and the foot still has numbness around the surgery scar.  I know that is not  a normal thing.  The pain is miserable.  It feels like someone is drilling inside your heel 24/7.  Even when you’re resting the foot, it still hurts.  I have a 5k to run in a month, I don’t have time for this.

The pain and actual cyst were things I knew might come back.  It’s the numbness that really ticks me off.  There’s no quicker way to send me flying across a room than for the kids to hit just that spot on my foot.  I don’t even touch that spot on my foot.  If you hit it just right it’ll send shock waves up my leg.  Shock waves of pain.

I’m no MD but I’m pretty sure that’s not supposed to still be happening.

The big problem is what do I do now?  The pain is back and worse than ever.  But I don’t think another surgery is gong to fix it.  It took three x-rays, wearing a walking boot, a cat scan and a contrast mri to even figure out what was wrong with my foot the first time.  And that wasn’t a ‘fix-all’.  I don’t know what to do now.  I can’t afford to be laid up without the ability to drive for another six weeks (if not longer) unable to care for my kids or take care of things around the house.

Give me your opinions.  What would you do?  Suck up the pain and keep going?  Or go back to the doctor and listen to their (sage) advice, even if it means another surgery?

10 thoughts on “Doctors lie. Oh, my aching foot.

  1. When my Mom had a hernia repaired she started to experience numbness and pain in the area a while later. She went back to the doctor and they determined it was from excess scar tissue that had built up after the repair. I'm with SciFi Dad, you should probably get that checked out!


  2. I certainly would get it checked out. They know what they might be looking for this time so if the cyst is back, they know to look for it. Defintely get it checked out. Good luck!


  3. Maybe the cysts has grown back? Soo sorry! I will pamper you when you come visit. ( Wait! How can we go shopping if your foot is hurting? Hmmm…thinking, thinking…I'll have to get back to you on that) Really, I do want you to feel better. Perhaps a visit to with the dr would be a good thing.


  4. Because of the terrible case of plantar fasciatis I got the first year in Berlin, I always have to wear shoes/crocs in the house. After going to several doctors here, it was a podiatrist in Florida (with an 8 inch needle) who helped. That and the OTC insoles I import from the US and put in every shoe and boot that I wear (including sneakers). A lot cheaper than the b-s- “physical therapy” recc'd by the DR here (with antiobiotic infusion to strengthen my system!) although that needle was awfully painful.Get it checked out. Really.


  5. Well, in my most humble opinion……….I HAVEN'T A FREAKING CLUE WHAT YOU SHOULD DO.I hate pain….don't like to be inconveniences and am scarred to death of “going under the knife”.I'll light a candle for you


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