Random Tuesday Thoughts: It’s all about hair, food and ho-ho’s

Come one and come all!  It’s Random Tuesday Thoughts time.  Link up at Keely’s.


So as always there’s a million and one things sitting in the reader and I’m avoiding reading writing blogs like the plague. It only reminds me I haven’t done crap-ola with my own work in forever.  And that I really really need to get it in gear, finish editing, keep writing and get this WORK out the door.


I don’t feel like it.  Right now I’m all caught up in schtuff and baseball and hockey season is here and….the excuses keep on coming.  I also got this on Saturday:

But I got the 3GS cause I really didn’t like the way the 4 felt in my hand.  I like the rounded versus the squareness of it.  Plus it was a hundred bucks cheaper.  I’m cheap.  I admit it.

It’s not helping me do anything but waste time on Twitter, which I didn’t really need help with anyway.  It did come in handy when I went to get a haircut yesterday.  I could read the news while I was waiting.  Total time saver.

I went with brown lowlights instead of the blondish highlights I had previously.  Umm, I’m really not so sure about that.  For a very low maintenance person like me, this may have been a big mistake.  (And for the record, wth is the difference between lowlights and highlights, other than the PRICE?  This is only the third time I’ve had the whole haircolor in a salon thing done.  I’m so virgin at it. I’m all “Whatever YOU think is fine!”)

Of late I’m really into comfort food.  I made ratatouille Monday.  I may make goulash tomorrow and the day after may just call for chili and I’m pretty sure a dose of blue cheese mac n’cheese should be in there somewhere.  All I want to do, apparently, is eat.

It was 90 on Friday and yesterday it was 52.  Could you please make up your mind already Miss Weather?

I reloaded my Starbucks card.  Oh yeah, stupid move.  Now I have even more incentive to drive to Starbucks.  Did you know they also have an iPhone app for Starbucks?  I mean really, do I need to make pretend drinks on my phone?  (apparently yes, because I downloaded the app and made myself a drink.  It did not however magically appear at my side.)

Speaking of magic, who else is EXCITED about the next Harry Potter movie?  Huh huh???  The wait will do me in and it’s only about 6 weeks till it gets here.

I’m going to the Reds game tonight for the first ever RedsTweetUp.  A gathering of other geeky minded Reds baseball freaks like me who all Tweet about baseball.  They even sold special tickets so we can all sit together in the same section.  Hmm, now that I think about it, it’s a bit weird. I guess they don’t want us mixing with the regular folk.  (All in all, probably a smart idea…)  Either I’ll be watching the Division Champion Reds plays the lowly Houston Astros or I’ll be watching the Hopefully Division Champion Reds take the title. (Cardinals have to lose Monday night for Reds to clinch or the Reds have to win the game against the Astros.  Since I write these posts in advance I don’t know which it is yet.) I will be watching the Reds play FOR the title.

Phillies win 4th straight NL East Division Title.  Oh Yea.

You think I bore you with baseball? 

Hockey season has started.  Just wait. Go Flyers!

I have a bunch of interesting/thought provoking/brain numbing newspaper/magazine articles in my “To Do/Ideas” bin on my desk.  Maybe I’ll get to one of them this week and give you all something worthy of reading.

Recent conversation on Twitter between me and another mom:

@mayaREguru Ho-Ho’s. It’s what’s for dinner. Bought them for the kids but they’re mine now! Muhaha
@BlogMamaAndrea Don’t mess with a mama and her ho-ho’s. That didn’t sound right did it?
@mayaREguru  no not right but totally awesome!

It didn’t come out correctly then or now, did it?

Chick was whining about not getting a third snack so I sent her upstairs to play. After crying and then singing she is now silent.  Either she’s up to something or she fell asleep.  Proving once again if I ignore her long enough, she will leave me alone.

Until next time, be fearless and go see Keely.  I hear she doubles as a Super Ninja Warrior.  That may be just rumor but…I wouldn’t turn your back on her if you know what I mean.

11 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Thoughts: It’s all about hair, food and ho-ho’s

  1. I LOVE my new iPhone. I just got the 3gs cause of the price as well. I have resisted putting the Starbucks app on there though. lol Enjoy the game tonight, weird or not! 🙂


  2. I am a fellow geek and am soooooo excited for the new HP movie. I always tell the salon person to do whatever they think looks good. Then I always hate it. You'd think I would learn.


  3. I can't comment on the sports because sports already ruins my life and I have huge resentment about that.Food on the other hand…..clearly your comfort food and my comfort food are WAY different. Other than possibly the Mac and Cheese. I can get behind you on that one.


  4. I just want to say I got the 3Gs two months ago. I too preferred the roundness over the square, the 4 wasnt even working right when it first came out anyway, and I, too, have my “frugal” … cheap… moments. I.AM.USELESS with this phone. I check Twitter, read the news, play Words with Friends, have a Zoo AND a Resort. I also have my work emails in there; but those I check nearly as often as Facebook, and my Grupon app… Long story short. Wanna be useless together? Get WORDS WITH FRIENDS and look me up! Mamushka724


  5. blue cheese mac 'n cheese…now there's something I have got to try.Your conversation with twitter mom was funny. I had to read it twice before I caught the double entendre because I was stuck on comfort foods! But ho-ho…get it!You're so lucky you understand and can use twitter. I feel like such a twitter failure.


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