I’m an idiot with an iPhone

Apparently, obviously, I have no clue how to work my new phone.  Like, really no clue.  I had no idea WHY I wasn’t getting emails unless I clicked the little “Mailbox” button.

Venture to Settings, Mail….ah.  It was on manual check for email.  Well who the heck set the default to MANUALLY check email?  Does anyone actually ever choose that setting voluntarily?

Umm, no.  Hello, last time I checked it’s the 21st Century and we all pretty much can’t live without email and instant gratification once we hit the age of 9 (I’m giving Thor an extra year here.)

Can we not even go to the place where the iPhone manual is an absolute joke?

Look Apple, I luv ya.  I big ole freaking HEART you.  I love my Mac, my iPod I couldn’t live a day without but really, let’s make a manual that actually has information inside it.  Not pictures and a a two sentence ditty about a function I already know how to use.

You wouldn’t believe how long it took me to find the iPod on the thing. (I know, not one of my better days…)

Don’t even get me started about AT&T not having coverage at Great American Ball Park.  You know the little TweetUp event I was at Tuesday night when the Reds clinched the NLC Championship?  That little event with like 400 people?

It’s not much of an event when you a) have no coverage and b) can’t access Twitter because you have no coverage.  Not much of a TweetUp MeetUp when you can’t read where everyone is.  Apparently there was a whole Pre-Game meet and greet someplace with name tags and everything and because I had no coverage I missed the whole freaking thing.

Meh. (thank you Captain Dumbass for introducing me to that expression.  It’s my most overused.  And I love it.)

I did sit next to the nicest Tweep.  I know she was a RedsTweetUp person because at the end of the night she gave me her name tag as an exchange of Who Am I?  (rub salt in the wound a little more cause I didn’t get a name tag!  I didn’t get to the event!)

So I am bummed that I was too much of an idiot to verify all the details before I left the house.  I didn’t figure that I would not have any coverage at GABP (hey, if T-Mobile and blackberry can do it with gusto, why not AT&T??)

Honestly.  I hope AT&T stops by and Apple for that matter because I’m sure I would love my phone even more if I could understand how the whole thing works.


What have you gotten recently that made no sense to you?  Have you ever flipped out because you didn’t have network coverage somewhere?

Pictures and details of last nights Reds victory and in the post below or link is here.  I’m in a double post kind of mood…

8 thoughts on “I’m an idiot with an iPhone

  1. YAY for your Reds.Technology difficulties upset me like no other. I am not smart enought to deal with it. I have been suffering through a crappy computer service for over a month now……..so so so frustrating.But I don't twitteror textI can barely keep my blog rolling and a little facebook.


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