It’s RTT without a whole lotta fat

It’s Tuesday which means it’s been a week since I posted.  I was on vacation. Eh.  764 blog feeds marked as read, sorry everyone. Not gonna happen. If something really cool happened in the last five days…email me!

Today you need to go here after you peruse these pictures (which after vacation is all I can manage. I’m still trying to deal with being here and not there.)  Complain to her that I’ve got nothing for you but pictures.


The pictures below are what I commonly refer to as The Lake (Coeur D’Alene Lake in Idaho) where I pretty much spent the first 18 years of my summer life.

I have no idea exactly why this guy is here but…Lewis and Clark maybe?

I got to go watch my oldest nephew play youth football.  Even though they ended up losing it was a lot of fun.  But some of the parents…it was like being at a Phillies game.

If you need more you know who to click. Keely.

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