Friday Fragments with Half Past Kissin’ Time

Excellent idea from Half Past Kissin’ Time

Thank you to Gina for participating in this event so I would know about it.

I’m in complete love with the Black Keys.  Thanks to all my Reds Twitter peeps like pitcher Sam LeCure and Kalee Maloney (wife of the pitcher Matt Maloney) for talking about the Black Keys and the concert they went to. I can’t get enough of them.  Everlasting Love is the best song.  Ever.

I found an ad in a magazine for MetroMint Water.  Just sounds really good.  Not sure why.

Intense Debate is eating comments so three from yesterday went missing and I don’t know why.  This is opposed to when ALL the comments from the whole blog went missing a few weeks back.  It’s resorted to blogger comments and ID is installed but apparently not functioning.  I’d just like to scream and make it all go away.

I think Chick has an invisible friend like Soren Lorensen in Charlie and Lola.  She keeps telling me to stop it but I swear, I’m not doing anything.

The book Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is this crazy bestseller.  I can’t get past page 26.  Honestly I tried. It’s freaking BORING. And hard to follow and I don’t really care except everyone keeps telling  me to get past chapter 3.  Thats at page 68.  Never going to happen.

I didn’t sleep for 36 hours straight this week.  I take absolutely no responsibility for anything I may have said during that time.  Just saying.

At the end of the month I’m supposed to run in that charity race but my foot has put the stop to that.  Now I don’t know what to do about the money I’ve been asked to raise.  If you still want to donate please go to the link for Run Like Hell in the sidebar and donate.  I will still wear my cape that Friday and take pictures while I put my foot on ice and watch a movie.

My car now fits in the garage! Yea!  I get nervous every time I pull in though.  Just a helpful hint Drees Homes, you really should look at just how narrow those single garage doors are even though they look good.  It’s like fitting a hand in the opening of a soda bottle.  Really hard to do.

If you have a Friday Fragment head over to Half Past Kissing Time and let it out!  If my blog eats your comment then I’m sorry.  Any that are emailed to me (like they are supposed to be) I will repost.

14 thoughts on “Friday Fragments with Half Past Kissin’ Time

  1. Ok, I'll just add to the others, just totally skip the first 3 chapters and you'll still be able to get into the book.I have read it, and then the next and waiting for the 3rd to come out in paperback.It is an interesting story and I've enjoyed them.WHY in the world were up up for 36 straight hours. I'd be delerious by then.


  2. mrsbear0309 commented on Friday Fragments with Half Past Kissin' Time – I'm on a waiting list at the library for “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. I wanted to see what all the buzz was about. I'll let you know if I can't get past the first chapter. 36 hours of no sleep?! Yikes. And we've never been able to fit a car in our two-car-garage. It's full of my husband's crap. Borderline hoarding, no joke. I'm just happy it's contained to the garage.


  3. Gina commented on Friday Fragments with Half Past Kissin' Time – Thanks for the shout out! You definitely to need some sleep – you poor thing! Imaginary friends are the best kind – they never argue with you and they think you are the best. Chick has the right idea! Have a great weekend! My recent post GOOD NEWS &amp BAD NEWS! Email: litatgp@aol.comSite/Blog URL:


  4. Amylk commented on Friday Fragments with Half Past Kissin' Time – that totally sucks about the comments. I am walking in a 5K this weekend for Autism. Even if you don't go, the money you raise will be appreciated! I tried to listen to the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on audio book and its BAD boring. I just can't follow it.


  5. My car is never going to fit in my garage, my garage not being built to accommodate ginormous vans. Not that a bigger garage would help, we'd just fill up the extra space with more hobby and camping stuff anyway!


  6. Well if your comments all got eaten then.. uhm, I have been religiously and following every post and commenting (several times each) for the past few months. Because I'm a good bloggy pal. ;)We had a tiny garage at our old townhouse and I hung a tennis ball to stop me from hitting the front. Didn't work…


  7. Well, here goes! Welcome to Fragging! Isn't it satisfying?! I've heard about that book, too. I read so infrequently (besides blogs!) that I'll have to skip that one and wait for a better recommendation.I cannot imagine not sleeping for 36 hours–Here's hoping you've been sleeping like a baby since 🙂


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