Random Tuesday Thoughts: She’s a fighter

It’s time to rumble because it’s Random Tuesday Thoughts day with The UnMom.


The girl looks like she’s been in a prize fight…and lost.  Bandaid hides the dent and scraped off skin achieved by smacking the sharp edge of the kitchen counter.  Puffy eye from falling into the radiator at school.  Sigh.

Please send bubble wrap…lot’s of bubble wrap.

I got my latest issue of Bazaar magazine yesterday!  So yes, more Fashion Victim posts are coming your way (You lucky lucky people.)

I was also having a great discussion yesterday with a couple people about whether or not kids (like 11 -15) should have cell phones.  I think that’s a whole post in itself but if you have an opinion leave it and it’ll give me something meaty to include when I do talk about it.

I’m writing this on the fly while waiting for the school bus.  Spelling errors are just going to have to be lived with.

My english skills have also fallen off the wagon.  Sorry about that.

I’ve been told that if I go to FancyFlours.com I will want to bake.  I’ve been promised.

According to this months Real Simple magazine, they’ve made a live-action 3-D version of the Nutcracker.  Umm, okay.  And they changed Clara’s name to Mary.  WHY?  It’s a ballet and Russian, Mary just doesn’t seem to fit.  I love the Nutcracker and used to go every year as a kid.  I’m sorry, she’s always going to be Clara and there’s nothing that’s going to change my mind about that.

Not even free chocolate.

Speaking of chocolate I joined up BORFitClub.  It’s like FightClub but without the hitting.  And instead of whatever they do in fight club they do something else in FitClub.  In FitClub we exercise and eat right and encourage other lazy souls to do the same.  It’s pretty cool.  So far Day One was a success.  I was aware of what I ate, made better food choices and did a workout video.

I’m pretty sure I now hate Jillian Michaels if me yelling at the TV while she made me do squats is any indication.

Just saying.

Do you decorate for holidays?  Halloween?  Thanksgiving?  Christmas?  Surely there’s someone out there like me who just doesn’t care if I still have snowmen placemat’s in July and beach rocks and flowers in December.  I am just not a seasonal decorator.

I’ve decided sleep is overrated.

But something that is worthwhile is this: RTT over at Keely’s place.  Go on over and feel like your life has a purpose.

10 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Thoughts: She’s a fighter

  1. My wife decorates for everything… we are transitioning from fall to Halloween right now.I think tweens should carry a shared phone if they're going out at night without parents; otherwise, they're unnecessary.


  2. I just don't understand how we can be related if you don't decorate for Christmas! I think cell phones can be good or bad. Don't be a naive parent and stay involved with what your kids are doing.


  3. I have every intention of decorating. I even pulled the halloween box out but it sits in my kitchen for me to trip over!I don't think kids need a cell phone at that age. Its one more distraction from school that they don't need. its also one more expense I don't need. lol


  4. Oh, poor baby! That looks painful. I bet it bled real good, too.We don't really decorate. Well, not since we've had kids. But, Oscar asked if we could put up some Halloween decorations so we are going to do that this evening. Kids what with there expectations and all.


  5. That poor little lady! SHe is adorable though, hurt or not! Now, Jillian M? Yes, i have said a few choice words to her in my squats as well. Same with Bob Harper. I just got his DVD's and I have decided I pretty much hate him. Somehow he keeps ending up in my DVD player though. Torture.


  6. Poor baby girl! Ouchies.Intense Debate ate your comments, huh? I was considering installing it on my blog because the Squarespace comment format is just so BORING, but I didn't like that the comments were hosted somewhere other than, y'know, my BLOG. So now I know. I'll stick with boring.Gillian Michaels is designed to be hated and yelled at, btw. The cyborg programmers made her that way.


  7. Jesus, what the heck are you doing to that poor kid? Just kidding, I know it wasn't you but man, she looks tough. My kids are always covered in scrapes and bruises and I'm waiting for DCF to show up any second.I decorated a little for Halloween, we have tons more stuff but my realtor said I can't go overboard since people will be touring the house. I love Halloween and Xmas decorations but only since having kids.


  8. Poor baby! Poor, poor baby!Yes, I'm a seasonal decorator. But I skip minor holidays and go for Spring decorations and Summer decorations without specific Fourth of July decor.Do you think it would be more fun to take up kick boxing or pole dancing for exercise?


  9. Lets see….sleep is NOT over rated (for me)I used to LOVE to seasonal decorate…but now that I am in the country the DOG eats/destroys everything I put out and no one comes to see it anyway….so what's the pointJillian yells waaaay to much.and NOTHING could make me want to bake


  10. Oh my. D1 and your girl might be cut out for MMA or something b/c she's getting hurt all the time. She once got a terrible cut on her upper lip and my mom goes, “Put medicine on it every day. A scar could hurt her chances at marriage.” 2.5 and she already killed her chances with Mr. Right. 😛 The worst part of kid injuries? They keep picking at it.


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