RTT: Funny stuff I can’t say any other day and still be coherent

Won’t you be…won’t you be…won’t you be my neighbor!  Hi Neighbor.

I do it all in the name of Random.  Get crazy. Go here:


So, the mail came yesterday and amongst seriously crappy bills and stuff was the latest REI catalog.  I don’t know why they sent me one.  I haven’t been to REI since like…1996?  Anywho, cool stuff.  I just really really want one of these:

A helmet camera.  For snowboarding or skiing.  Really, everyone just needs one of these babies.
My other favorite?  It’s this.  Neve Sweater.  I’m telling ya, I want one.

My favorite part of it is the way they are selling it.  The description reads as follows: Inject some playfulness into her ski wardrobe.

What idiot would actually buy one of them as a gift?  A breakup gift maybe…Is it just me though?  I would seriously never be caught dead in that.  Or alive actually.

Did you all know I’m a hockey fan?  So now that baseball is over, you get to listen to me talk about the Flyers.

I left a comment the other day, um actually yesterday I think, about baseball and how people can be so mean and rude and down right nasty if you like an opposing team.  The person didn’t believe me when I said I was unfollowing people on Twitter because it’d gotten so bad.  Not everyone is this way but some.  I wrote a whole post about it over here, When Enough is Enough.

I haven’t dropped my phone yet.  It’s something of a miracle.  I did buy the Otter Box Commuter TL for it just in case.  The second I do I’m splurging for the whole next case the Defender.  The salesman threw his phone in a defender case across the store and it survived with nary a scratch or blip.  That’s really the sort of thing this Butterfingers Mama needs.

NaNoWriMo starts next Wednesday (in case you didn’t know).  I signed up this year (my third year).  I did some initial plotting on my whiteboard today.  There’s a general feeling of excitement about this project.  My previous one is shelved for the month because you have to start from scratch and it needs to be one of those Write for Quantity not Quality things.  My other piece is definitely all about quality versus quantity right now.  Either way I’m pretty sure I don’t have time to do it, but I signed up anyway.
Last week I joined my fellow Reds fans and joined the Better Off Red BORFitClub.  I started using the app MyFitnessPal.  It’s fantastic!  you record what you eat and what exercise you do.  It looks up how many calories you should eat daily.  Then you can enter your food and it tells you how many calories you ate. (Even down to such exact choices as Starbucks Tall Latte Whole Milk – 180 calories or Stirfry Noodles, Teriyaki Yakisoba 210 calories).  It’s kind of awesome like that.  Until today when I went to enter my Starbucks ‘breakfast’.  Did you know their Lemon Loaf (one freaking slice) is 490 calories??
Based on that info, if I ate the same amount of calories I did today (330 over my allotted daily total), I’d gain 5.5 lbs in five weeks.  In other words; I have to make much better food choices.  And exercise.  I skipped my workout today because…even though the afternoon sucked, anything I can say is just an excuse.

By the way, any idea how to get kid pee out of a couch?  You just let me know cause I’m looking for advice after yesterday.

I went to a Reds bowling party Saturday night.  Go me!  I didn’t actually bowl but still I got out on a  Saturday night.  The proof.  Me, Better Off Red’s Jamie Ramsey and fellow Reds Fan,  Cindy.

Halloween is in six days.  I have neither bought my children’s costumes nor carved a pumpkin or purchased halloween candy to pass out.  I’m personally going to see just how close I can cut this one cause I like the little extra boost I get from anxiety.

That’s all the Random I’m capable of today.  If you need more be sure to go and visit Keely.  She’ll keep you entertained.

6 thoughts on “RTT: Funny stuff I can’t say any other day and still be coherent

  1. Sorry about the couch! Can I just say that I really don't like Halloween and having to find (cause I refuse to spend even 20 dollars on some cheap plasticky costume)something for them to wear and then walking around at night in almost zero temps which in turn, they will have to wear their winter coats that covers up the costume anyway? How's that for a run on sentence? lol I am doing a happy dance cause this weekend we are going out of town so that means, no trick or treating. Yippeee!


  2. I usually just Febreze the kid pee. What? It's the anti-bacterial kind.My daredevil brother has (or has borrowed) one of those helmet cams and let me tell you…the results are friggin' terrifying.Not sure on NaNoWriMo this year. I still have a couple of days to decide, right??


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