Random Tuesday Thoughts: TP and Dumb Neighbors

Thank you to the person who said the thing about being weirded out by the end of the toilet paper roll. You know, when the paper’s all kinda glued on?  Now I’m skeeved out and developing a complex.  So thanks!

As always go here


So, what the fruitcake shall we talk about today?

These two were in the house on Sunday.  Cute no?

And here’s the Chick at school.  Wonder where she got the shopping at Kroger with a Starbucks thing from?  Eh em.

They are learning about food and shopping. Guess who donated the Starbucks cups??  Don’t tell me I don’t contribute to my kids education!

There are further pictures of her and her friends making and buying UDF ice cream and Krispy Kreme donuts.  Public schools are all about health, obviously.

Yesterday was the start of NaNoWriMo and as of this post, I’ve written zip for my word total.  I’m going to be a late bloomer on this one I think.

Yesterday was a fun day.  I had a doctors appointment and as part of the physical they asked me a series of questions.  Including the classic Have you ever thought about killing anyone?

Let’s see, there was this grey Tahoe that cut me off, so that’s one.  The kid at the grocery store who put my bread and a 5 lb bag of potatoes IN the same bag, that’s two.  Most of my neighbors for their lack of common sense (and seriously deficient taste in music), that’s three.

I did answer correctly.  I said no.  Mostly because if I said yes I’d go (willingly) to the place with padded walls and silence because let’s face it, everyone needs a break now and then right?  But I think they would have confiscated my phone…so, had to go with no.

I am so boring.

I started reading the Scarlet Letter.  I’ve never read it before.  I’m not sure how far into it I am because I’m reading on the Kindle and their lack of page numbers makes me batty.  But thus far, I think it’s a war novel.  Right??

How was your halloween?  Everyone about done with candy yet?  Let me tell you why we only gave out one piece of candy.

The neighbors, they of the famous block party, sent out an email to the HOA reminding everyone that they were having their annual candy table set up in their driveway.  We were all encouraged to come over, drop off our bowl of candy and “hang out”.  Basically destroying all that is trick or treating.  Because all of my neighbors are completely freakin’ wacked, that’s what they did.

We went to take our kids to ring doorbells and found only one in this huge neighborhood that had the lights on.

We had to pack up and drive ten minutes to the next town and some friends who live in a nice, normal, trick-or-treating neighborhood.  Where my kids got their trick or treat on.   If there weren’t already three houses for sale on this street alone, this baby would be on the market.

My neighbors are just nutso.

It’s the last day for my children’s book giveaway, Gifts From the Heart by Victoria Osteen.  You can go here to enter.

She’s not nuts….she’s um, Canadian.  Head over to Keely at The UnMom.  I might just have to move to Canada.  Where people are normal.

14 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Thoughts: TP and Dumb Neighbors

  1. Remember when we use to go trick or treating as soon as the first bit of darkness came on and it seemed like we walked miles from our house and came back when our pillowcases could hold no more? In our town, you have from 6-8. The town we were visiting this weekend actually had their trick or treating on sat. Weird.


  2. “normal” is an odd word for us rednecks;)this year was our first trick or treating “out in the country” experience.it involved A LOT of driving and watching for kamikaze deer.and i agree with christina…i. want. starbucks.andrea:)


  3. You might be wrong there girl…I am Canadian, and not so sure I am normal..and I've run into my own number of whacko's up here.Interesting. I may just ask my doctor at MY next physcial if he need to know “if I ever feel like killing anyone”. (wonder what he'd say, so funny)


  4. Hahah, Chick with the Starbucks cup is hilarious! I'm with you, the house to house part is what makes trick or treating…. all showing up to one place for candy, not cool.


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