It’s 30 degrees and Autism sucks

And oh my GOSH that’s cold.  There was a possibility of snow last night.  Where am I, Washington?  Eh.  Thankfully no snow!  Yea!  I’m all about getting behind some pretty white stuff but does anyone remember what I survived last year?

Okay, go here and refresh your memory then….In case you don’t wanna click here’s the picture refresher:

Yes, that’s my neighbors car….somewhere in that pile of unshoveled snow…

And that was only the FIRST storm thank you!  Need I remind anyone that on the day my house in West Chester (PA) was packed up the moving truck never even made it down our street because there was too much snow.  And that he got stuck across the street from our development in front of the train station just trying to turn around (police car, wrecker, backed up traffic; the works.  We tipped him extra good for his troubles.)  We drove from West Chester (PA) to Cincinnati in a blizzard.  Oh, that was so much fun.
So, I am not kidding when I say, Let’s Just Not Do That Again This Year.
This week I didn’t blog.  I barely returned blog visits.  There are reasons why.  I’ve been vocal about the unendingly complicated series of events that have to do with Thor and his aspergers.  This week I took him (and Chick incidentally) to Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati for what I thought was his actual autism evaluation.  The one where they run tests that last hours (2-3 hours per test and he needs two done).  It wasn’t.  I misunderstood.
This appointment was only for the initial meet the doctor and find out exactly what they should test him for. And by test I don’t mean like medical with needles.  It’s all psychological and intelligence test type of things.  
I love his doctor.  If anyone needs a recommendation of an autism doctor in Cincinnati you should go see Dr. Zimmer.  Hands down she made us feel so comfortable (including the staff who were absolutely fantastic) I know that she’s going to do everything to help Thor.
The only problem is we have to wait until July 2011 to have the tests.
Yes, I did say July.  Of next year.  The July that is 9 months from now.
Nine. Months.
That’s how long we have to wait to have the tests done because there is no earlier date available.  I’m on the cancelation list.  But let’s be realistic.  Who cancels an appointment like this?  No one.  I wouldn’t cancel.  Not when I have a chance to be seen at the Kelly O’Leary Center for Autism. (I did initially say it would be May, thats just the parental appointment to learn what they are going to do.)
So, we wait.  And it kills me to know that’s another year lost with no specified plan in place to help Thor.  Sure, we have a 504 at school.  But the school, to put it politely, sucks.  They have no real interest in helping him since he’s high functioning.  Since he’s extremely smart.  I snarked on after the last 504 meeting (which I had to request!!) because it was so crappy.  You don’t need to hear it again.
But I am not okay with the way or non-way they are helping Thor.  Not at all.  I’ve looked at private school (which we can not afford), we’ve discussed moving to a better school district.  We’ve even considered moving him to a school that only handles aspergers and high functioning children.  
Anyone have $20,000 a year they can give me?  Cause that’s what theses school cost.  For one little year.
So, if I don’t come around to say hi in the coming week, this is why.  I just am struggling to accept all the things that I can’t change.

14 thoughts on “It’s 30 degrees and Autism sucks

  1. Its SO stinking frustrating! Since you have a diagnosis from the peds, they should be giving you a complete IEP, not a stinkin' little 504 that does NOTHING! I feel your pain, been there, done something similar!It does sound like an awesome Autism Center. Only thing better would be CHOP but we discussed that already. :)I'm here whenever you want to sound off! HUGS!OH and its STINKIN' cold here too! I want summer back!


  2. Gah. I HATE the system sometimes. There are so many hoops we have to jump through to help students that it seems incredible. Another big help then, is the long wait list. Seriously? He is going to miss his whole year because of these things. I'm sorry you have to go through this.


  3. Accepting the things we can not change really bites. You do have your hands full…..wouldn't it be nice to just have access to the money we need for things like that, that are IMPORTANT!!I hate winter too. I am not a fan of snow anymore, so WHY the heck do I live in Canada?? Sheeesh. We don't even have a garage, so when it snows, it is a realy pain going out and getting the car wiped off, scraped, yada yada.Not. A. Fan.


  4. That wait is crazy, but it sounds like the Dr. is worth it. You never know, someone else might get snowed in and they'll be able to fit Thor. Hope you find some kind of balance between now and then. Maybe not a resolution, but something to make it easier at least. 😦


  5. The school district is required to help. There should be a child advocate at your local school district. They are there just to make sure the child is taken care of so they may be able to help prod the school along some. Try contacting your local school district and see if they can give you some information.Hang in there, I know it's hard.


  6. It's just so hard to fathom that they're booked for 9 months out. Unreal! I can only imagine the frustration you must feel, and I hope that this interim period will go quickly. I'll be thinking of you lots, my sweet friend!


  7. Oh wow … I'm so late to the game that first, let me say I'm so sorry to hear the latest. But 9 months for an appt … wow, she must be some great doctor!! Here's sending you some sanity … and warmest wishes that all goes according to plan!


  8. Holy shit, that is a long fucking time to wait for an appointment. You need to somehow get a copy of the appointment list and start offing people until one comes available. Snow. Let's hope you don't deal with that again.


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