RTT: Late Edition

It’s Tuesday. I’m so late in RTT but who the heck cares right?  Right.

So you know what to do.  Click it.


What the heck Green Mountain Coffee?  You send me a coupon for $3 off my favoritest drink in the world (Apple Cider) but it’s never in stock! Coupon expires end of the month.  You. Are. Killing. Me.

Have you tried MetroMint water?  It’s so good.  Because I am so awesome and several RTT’s ago mentioned that I wanted to try them, they sent me free samples.  Seriously.  That was awesome.  I sampled four flavors, GoodBerryMint, Spearmint, Peppermint and ChocolateMint.  My favorite was Peppermint followed by Spearmint.  The ChocolateMint would be an excellent choice for those who want a little chocolate taste but not the calories.  Because did I tell you?  Zero Calories!  Amazing amounts of wonderful.  Pick it up and give it a try.  It’s incredible.  If you can’t find it at your local store you can go here: MetroMint Store Locator or buy it online.  If you buy GoodBerryMint 10% of the proceeds are given back to the community to help feed the hungry.  How awesome is that?

We got Direct TV today.  In fact – it’s being installed as I type.  And yes, I really did change from our previous cable because I couldn’t get any good hockey coverage.  Honestly.

I got a great cd the other day at Target, Christmas Cheer by Straight No Chasers.  It makes fun of traditional Christmas songs (somewhat) and also laments that even before Halloween has ended Christmas decorations are out.  That’s something I’ve been saying for years, thank you very much.

I got my Rosie Reds membership card today.  Yea!  For those not in the know, Rosie Reds is kind of like a philanthropic/social club for women who love the Reds.  Yes, every road does lead back to baseball.

I signed up for NaNoWriMo.  I’ve written exactly 34 words.  Pfftt, maybe next year.

Wendy said the other day she was reading Wuthering Heights (which I only read for the first time last year).  I pulled my copy out and am going to reread it.  I actually loved it, dark and twisted book that it is.

I have coupons in my wallet but the problem is I never remember to use them.  They aren’t even the get $.30 off when you buy 5 of these kind of coupons either.  They are the FREE ITEM type of coupons.  Where I could just walk into the store and snatch the item from the shelf plunk down the coupon and walk out without taking out a penny.  But I never remember to use them.  Weird.

Have you seen the ads on my site in the right sidebar there?  Go ahead and click em.  Promise nothing’s going to explode or anything.

What’s Random about you today?  Feel free to share it and then go see The UnMom.

11 thoughts on “RTT: Late Edition

  1. No to the mint water. I just can't do it.I don't blame you for changing because you want hockey. You know what you want!!!!I keep seeing all these initials like NaNoWrMo. What do they all mean?I'm the worst at couponing!Happy RTT!


  2. Haha, like you thought you'd be able to post every day. I did it one year and that wore me the fuck out. Plus, everyone in my reader did too and that was back when I had time to comment on every single post because Elliot wasn't walking yet and blah blah blah.Your coupon mentions have made me feel bad that I haven't cut any in months.


  3. Julie: I had high hopes however I am easily distracted these days.Gina: You should try the water. It really is good.BlueViolet: It's so yummy!SciFi: Haha. Though I might try that too.Valerie: I have a a whole thing of that caramel apple cider. I didn't like it, couldn't stand the caramel bit. I'll send it to you.Robin: I'm already on it :)GoGo: Haha. Sounds like me as well though..Casey: Once they walk, you're totally screwed.


  4. I didn't even talk about NaNoWriMo this year. They do it other months – I'm thinking maybe July. November is just too ridiculous and I don't even have a Thanksgiving in it like you do!The mint water sounds interesting. What else is in it?


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