The Night of the Boogie

Okay so after my last post, which was a week ago…actually older I think…(it’s been kinda busy around the homestead) people now want details of the Boogie night.  I am always happy to oblige you my dear readers.  So prepare yourself for the journey, it is an interesting one.

The night started with me asking for fashion guru advice from Twitter.  You guys are the best by the way!  So here’s picture one right before I left the house (iPhone 3’s camera really does suck so sorry for the bad pic!)

It was voted that the orange animal tiger shirt was better for a 70’s/80’s dance club.  The first stop on the adventure was our Host’s house. It should first be noted I suppose that of the group of ten, we only knew two people, the ones who invited us.  The rest of the group had known each other for about 10-20 years.  Keep that in mind…

At the Host’s house the party had already started.  In the basement bar the margarita machine was doing it’s thing (which, I don’t drink margaritas, but I bet the thing would make awesome slushies.  P.S. Santa I want one of those!)  Behind the bar shots/drinks were being concocted.  I didn’t have anything.  It should be noted that yes, I am a lightweight in the drink department.  One drink I’m good.  Two and you can pretty much count that in about an hour I’ll be ready for bed.  This was only 7:20 and the limo (yes there was a limo…) wasn’t coming until nine.

There was a lot of frivolity and meeting new people and…apparently I was going to be the crack police that evening.

I know, crack police??!! Just what did I really do Saturday night?

I was in charge of making sure Drunk Girl’s pants (which were small) didn’t show her butt crack…and yes, that is really what she reminded me to do all night. Okaaay…

For the record tipsy people don’t bother me.  Which was a very good thing as it turned out.

The car arrived and the driver was nice enough to take all the kids (and I mean actual children of the people at the house) on a limo ride around the block. Considering what this guy went through that night with us, the dude was a saint!  After the little weee!! trip for the kids we piled into the loooonnngggg limo and started the trek toward…

Boogie Nights.

It’s a dance club at Hollywood Casino in Indiana about 30 minutes or so from us. Like any good fun group who has known each other for years, this group had some quirks. And one of them was named Chimmie.  All night before we left I kept hearing them say we couldn’t forget to get Chimmie.

Now that sounds like a person right?  Nope.  Meet Chimmie:

Yes, that is a infant CPR doll, and no, I have no idea why Chimmie always goes along of these people’s group outings.  He just does.  (Chimmie even has his own Facebook page I’m told.)  Chimmie made it up on stage at the club with the DJ and spun some tunes.

The club is actually pretty cool, if you are in your early 20’s and enjoy that sort of thing.  Being in my 30’s?  Eh, not so much it turns out but they do make a great vodka tonic!  I got to see Michael Jackson, Madonna and Prince perform!

Here’s proof of Prince anyway:

The Michael Jackson guy was probably the best of the performers.  The club is interesting.  I’m sure it’s fun.  But as I said, this mama doesn’t dance unless she’s had a lot to drink.  One drink, no dancing.  Sorry to disappoint but it was a one drink night for me.  Other people did not go anywhere near one drink…so the night was cut short when the result was vomit on the club floor.

Lovely image right?  I’m just glad I didn’t actually see it.  The ride back to the house was fun…

It was an interesting night but I learned, I’m not a party girl.  It is just not who I am to go out to a club and drink.  I’d much rather enjoy a night out that consists of a nice dinner with good friends and great conversation.  Maybe a bottle of wine in the mix.

I’m glad I went because it was an interesting night doing something I never do. But from now on when the dance club invites roll in, I’ll be staying at home with a RedBox movie and some popcorn!

Do you hit the clubs?  Or are you like me, preferring a quiet night in?

8 thoughts on “The Night of the Boogie

  1. I used to be a big party girl, now, not so much. Now I just get tired at 9pm (in fact, when I read that the limo was coming at 9, my first thought was that I would never make it).


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