Random Tuesday Thoughts: Express Version

It’s this time


So go here The UnMom

We good?  Okay.  Then here we go.

In case you don’t follow me on Twitter or you don’t follow the greatest team of all, Joey Votto won the NL MVP award yesterday.  So that made my Monday.  In case you forgot who he was, see picture below:

I don’t know why they are all butt shots…honestly.
Saturday we went to a German Christmas market.  Or at least a Christmas market hosted by the German Society of Cincinnati.  It was not exactly what I was expecting (hard to live up to experiencing the real thing for a few years I guess).  They did however have reindeer:
Poor things.  I wanted to open the pen and yell Be Free!  Be Free!!
I also went to Hobby Lobby.  Another reason I’m not allowed to ever go there:
And no, the letters were not originally that way when I walked down the aisle.  And yes, peer pressure did make me do it.
I finished Christmas shopping for my kids!  I know!!  Yes, I did actually buy them presents all in one day, at one single store.  I do work magic at least a couple times a year apparently.  Black magic.
I’ve been completely neglecting my other blog about baseball and hockey.  
It’s not intentional.  I’ve had kids and appointments and a houseguest and it’s the holidays.  Sue me.
Have you seen this?  The Uncommon Goods catalog is all kinds of awesome. P.S. Santa I want some of those too!
That’s it for the express edition of RTT.  See Keely for more.  If you’re feeling lucky.

8 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Thoughts: Express Version

  1. Of course you have to have butt shots of baseball players.You are A.Ma.Zing….to have all the kids' Christmas shopping done. Good for you girl.I love the Caribou…..and all Santa's little creatures (tee,hee)Hope your thanksgiving is wonderful.


  2. What? Baseball? What's that? Nice work getting your shopping done all in one day. I've been randomly impulse buying shit for the kids as I come across black Friday-type sales. Who knows what's going to show up from UPS every day when the truck comes.


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