God Bless Ye Happy Turkey

I’ve heard talk that tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  That can only mean one thing around here…

It’s time for Chinese food!

Yes, you read that correctly.  Around here we order in Chinese.  The trouble is that, here in Kentucky, the Chinese place is actually closed on Thanksgiving.  Are you kidding me?

I had to resort to plan B, which is this:

Choice selections from the Kroger frozen food aisle.  We do make some traditional items to go with our very untraditional Chinese meal though.  I make my grandmothers stuffing and a green bean casserole.  The fun part of Thanksgiving is that we are not traditional.  I don’t care for turkey (and the kids only eat it if you force them and add lots of ketchup) so inventing our own Thanksgiving meal suits me just fine.
Will you have a traditional Thanksgiving meal on Thursday?  For my Canadian friends, what foods do you serve for your own country’s Thanksgiving?
Safe travels everyone!

10 thoughts on “God Bless Ye Happy Turkey

  1. Canadian Thanksgiving is exactly the same as American, just in October so we miss the cool segue into the Xmas season. In fact, my wife is making us a turkey dinner tomorrow in honour of our American friends. Heh heh. No Chinese though. Since wifey's family is part Chinese we get enough of that year round.


  2. Love momma's stuffing! I however, am looking forward to the traditional Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. 🙂 Love the turkey and the stuffing. Yum. We usually do Chinese on New Years.


  3. I have to admit, I scrunched up my face a little over the chinese food thing. Don't get me wrong, I like Chinese food…a lot.but NOT for ThanksgivingGive me a big bird….nice and moistI make the best stuffing in the world…just saying, it's true.Pretty traditional.In canada…..same thing. Nothing anything different from the U.S.


  4. Mine was completely traditional but that is what I grew up with. I think you create your own family traditions and you may find yourself at your kids' houses when they are grown and eating egg rolls for Thanksgiving as part of their family traditions.


  5. Why not? I skipped out on Thanksgiving this year – it's not a holiday here anyway and I just didn't have the time or energy. But I think in the future its going to be an alternative menu. I'm thinking gumbo. Maybe turkey gumbo.


  6. Wow, no takeout on Thanksgiving? Or turkey? Better than us.. I made an entire GFCF meal that my kids could eat, lugged that shit to my mom's and they ate oh, 3 bites each.


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