The infamous quest for cupcakes

I’m finally getting around to posting the full details of the great cupcake adventure.  I thought I’d be venturing for cupcakes this weekend and was planning a double post.  I realized that each cupcake meeting is actually worthy of it’s own post.  This is the inaugural meeting of the Cupcake Club.

The meeting took place at Sugar Cupcakery in Milford, Ohio. (On Twitter @SugarCupcakery)  The shop is located on a quaint little Main Street.

The outside is almost as cute as the inside.  

Of course the Cupcake Club isn’t complete without a few members so I made these two ladies join me.
They are happy to be in the club.  I recently added several more members as well for the next meeting.  We haven’t decided on a meeting place but as long as cupcakes are involved I’m pretty sure no one cares where we meet.
So that’s the minutes of the first cupcakes club…..oh, you wanted cupcake pictures?  How about these?

We got a mixture and tried the following flavors: Pumpkin Spice, Vanilla Bean, Sweet Potato, Banana, and Mocha.  Oh my, they were good.  All the cakes had excellent flavor but the ones that shined were Pumpkin Spice and Sweet Potato.  Both cakes were similar but had distinct flavors (also one had a pistachio on top and one a candied almond, so you know, they were different).
The shop was great, the cupcakes good, and the Cupcake Club members a lot of fun.  We spent hours chatting and eating.  I definitely recommend heading to Sugar Cupcakery if you are ever traveling through Cincinnati!
Do you have a favorite shop that caters to your sweet tooth?  How far are you willing to drive for cupcakes?
*The Sugar Cupcakery was featured on an episode of Cupcake Wars.  You can read all about the shop on their website

In no way was I compensated for this post.  I simply like cupcakes and have made it my mission to try as many as possible.

10 thoughts on “The infamous quest for cupcakes

  1. I like your disclaimer, that you like cupcakes and are trying as many as possible :). I wish I wasn't so far, I would love to be in the cupcake club (don't you love how I just invite myself).


  2. Cupcakes seem to be the new vogue dessert these days. They look so decadent.My neices go to New York and always rave about a cupcake shop there. I am more into pastries, but would never turn down a delicious cupcake…….there is something so “child like” about them.Cup Cake club…….awesome.


  3. I still can't believe the cupcake fad hasn't died yet. Maybe it's here to stay?And come on now – you should know this: the first rule of cupcake club is you DON'T talk about cupcake club!


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