The Polly Pocket post you’ve been dying to read

Chick acquired quite a collection of Polly Pockets for Christmas.  Polly Pockets are great.  They are portable, easy for little ones to dress, and best of all, their heads pop off.  I give you photographic proof:

Who doesn’t like a doll where you can pop the head on and off willy nilly? However, there are plusses and minuses to Polly Pockets.  I’m going to start with the negative.

1. Polly Pockets House.  Have you ever seen the dollhouse?  It looks like this:

Here’s the thing about the house, it’s great.  Lots of hours have been spent playing with it.  But look at all the furniture (and that’s not even all of it).  I didn’t buy extra furniture.  It came with all that.  How on earth can Polly live in a house so crowded with furniture?  Simple answer; she can’t.  House: Fail.

2. Have you seen what the Polly Pocket multi doll/outfit packs look like?  They look like this:

I’m sorry, I was almost embarrassed to buy my child this.  I hid it in the bottom of the chart like some red faced teenager.  Anyone else think they look eerily like condom wrappers?  Or is it just me?

3. Now I know these are just toys, but dang it, Polly Pocket has a far better wardrobe than I do.  Just look at all these choices:

And that’s only the ones we currently own.  I can’t imagine how many other choices there are.  The possibilities seem kind of endless.

All in all, Polly Pockets are fun and Chick loves them.  I don’t even mind playing with them as long as I get to change up their outfits and live vicariously through Polly.  I’ve heard Polly has a camper.  I’m pretty sure that’ll be next on the wish list.

Did your kids get any fun toys for Christmas (or Hanukkah) that you can’t help playing with?

*I’ve had (what feels like) the bubonic plague for over a week.  I haven’t been ignoring your blogs.  I’ve got over a thousand posts in my reader.  I thought that was kind of cool, it actually says 1000+  The kids are back to school on Monday.  Hopefully I’ll have a chance to catch back up.

13 thoughts on “The Polly Pocket post you’ve been dying to read

  1. I'm glad you are still alive! Sorry that you were sick!I LOVE Polly Pocket. I want some of my own and an excuse to play wit them. Over the years, I gave lots of them to my nieces but, alas, they have all outgrown them!


  2. we've also been dying with some kind of killer virus/bacteria combo. Mr5 was to the doctor Thursday night. ick! Happy New Year. I haven't played with any fo the kids toys but they keep wanting to play my video games., T for Teen/M for mature? not for kiddies.


  3. Polly's and Pet Shops have been a favorite around here. 🙂 I wish I would have known chic was into them. We just got rid of a cruise ship, a limo, and a complete swimming pool set up. I've been wanting to see what T's itouch can do but he's not sharing!


  4. The Polly Pocket sets definitely look like condoms. DEFINITELY.We're spending a lot of time with Lego over here, and I have to say it's a refreshing change from dolls, admittedly.


  5. Son got a bunch of RC cars that he has been torturing the dog with for the past week. I am SO glad that school is back in session and I am sure the dog is too.Hope your finally feeling better!


  6. I have to be honest with you, I can't stand Polly Pocket. My older daughter used to have a bunch of them (just to let you know, Polly also has a pool). All those small pieces end up all over the house (including clogging the vacuum) here in the Small Town.


  7. My girls have outgrown the Pollys, thankfully. Unfortunately Legos are no less tormenting, so many tiny pieces, so many diagrams. At least I don't have to worry about color coordinating.


  8. Your Polly Pockets are so much nicer looking than ours … About 5 years ago someone gave my girls a BIG lego box filled with every conceivable Polly Pocket… They now take up 3 boxes … it's obscene.And dirty – because they play with them so much they're just grimy. We have to wash them all the time. Which is thankfully fun for the girls – but a chore for me!And really … I could do w/o having to dress and undress them myself. Next time people need to give them toys that I don't have to play with as well. Right?Happy New Year! Feel good soon!


  9. our pollys have been dying a slow painful death for the past few years… because sometimes those heads just don't want to pop back on… and yes, the packages do look suspiciously embarrassing – would it be wrong of me to insist that ManOfTheHouse purchase them instead of me?


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