I’m pretty sure they don’t even know how to read

In the last few months, I’ve gotten no more than four requests from CSN to host a giveaway or review on my blog.  I’m pretty certain that if they read this great little section under the tab labeled Media Policythey would know, I don’t do reviews unless you’re a book publisher. Or you want to give me a car (partial to Mercedes and BMW but I’m not altogether picky).  Or a free trip.  But it would have to be a real trip not like the time I was offered a trip to South Carolina to write about the great state and I gave them my home address to recive the information and I never heard from them again…Actually that was probably a ploy to sign me up for spam.  Then again that was a few addresses ago, so suckers!  I move way to much for anyone too track me down.

This CSN thing is really bugging me.  As I’ve told them several times, I am not going to now nor ever work with their company.  There’s a very specific reason why.

Last year I hosted a review/giveaway for them.  I got my product (an automatic wine opener) and I picked a winner for the giveaway.  I supplied the winners address and that was that.  Or so I thought.  When I emailed the winner to make sure they’d gotten the product, imagine my surprise to learn they never got it.  Oversights do happen (apparently in my giveaways, they’ve happened twice, hence why I no longer do them!) 

CSN never bothered to respond to my emails asking what had happened to the prize (and I immediately yanked the post when I didn’t get any response).  I was so mortified that this would be the impression the winner would have of me, I bought a wineopener myself (not from them!) and threw in a gift card in a vain hope that she wouldn’t blackball me to everyone around.  (She was sweet and understanding and thankfully didn’t.)

If they would bother to read my blog, and the two emails I sent regarding the first two requests, they would know I have ZERO interest in ever hosting a single giveaway or review with them.  My thinking pretty much goes like this, if you are going to offer a tit-for-tat then keep your end of the bargain.  Don’t ignore emails from bloggers with whom you’ve made a written agreement.

In the blog world it’s pretty simple I think.  Do what you promise.  Cause us bloggers, we’ve got  a really long memory and the power of the internet…

Have you ever been wholly disillusioned hosting a giveaway?  What happened?

*If you’ve ever been a winner of one of my giveaways and didn’t get your prize – tell me!  I can’t make it right if I don’t know it happened!

11 thoughts on “I’m pretty sure they don’t even know how to read

  1. I get some pretty 'interesting' (pffft) emails but I am not into doing reviews or giveaways and have only ever done one review that genuinely fit with my blog. That crowd contacting you don't seem decent if they won't uphold their end of the deal and you are right to get it out there 🙂 Jen


  2. I don't do giveaways – unless they are ridiculously silly giveaways that no one wants to win anyway! 🙂 I have been solicited by different companies when I have mentioned their products and I've turned them down. Most recently, I was contacted by MTV for something they wanted to use my blog for. I ignored the email. I can't be bought….well except with donuts or cupcakes.


  3. Two completely different topics will appear in my comment.1. I won (and received) those Candy Girl (or whatever) books last year. Yesterday, my daughter told me that she finished one all by herself, and wants MORE! So THANKS for costing me money. 😉 (In all seriousness, it's awesome to see her reading novels. Thanks.)2. As to CSN, I've had several dealings with them. For me, it's always been an either-or thing (review or giveaway) and since I don't write for free, I've always chosen the review path. I've done two for them and a third is in progress (i.e. waiting for the item to come in the mail) and in each case the situation has been the same: fine, perfectly professional, but somewhat obstinate.As you know, I'm Canadian, and their offers for review don't include shipping to Canada. I politely declined their offer (no amount of free is worth me paying for shipping my “payment” to me) and we haggle back and forth until they agree to pay for shipping.The thing is, this has happened every time they have contacted me. Three times they agreed, and twice they declined. I have no idea why.Ultimately, their selection is varied enough that I can find something I would buy myself (or would like to buy), so I usually accept their offer. But I won't write “for free”, so it's reviews only for this blogger.


  4. Remember that giveaway you did, the one where the winner received $10,000 and season tickets to the Dodgers? Well, I never did receive my prize.Ok, so you never hosted such a giveaway- but one can hope. 😉


  5. I am glad you wrote this. They contacted me a couple of weeks ago. Since I am way to lazy to pursue something past 1 or 2 emails, it never went anywhere. Sometimes laziness wins!


  6. I have only ever done one giveaway and it was something I bought myself so I've never been scorned. But… I think I won a giveaway from you for a month worth of free babysitting and you never followed through.


  7. Anon – I get a lot of spam and prefer to have some control over who follows what I say. If you wanted to follow my tweets, please click the Follow button on Twitter. If you aren't a spammer or a bot, I probably won't have a problem with it. If you have a question, feel free to email me. You can reach me by clicking the “Email Me” tab on my navi bar at the top of this page.


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