Out of the Box: Life, Fish, Books and Random

In recent weeks I could name any number of things that have kept me out of the blog world.  The following is very random but also very much the way my brain is working at present.

*Chick’s fish took a turn for the worst when his fin fell off, thereby giving us the final reason to commit him to Fishy Heaven.  He has since been replaced by Prince and Princess and a pink castle in the fishbowl.

*I’ve watched a million and one episodes of Angelina Ballerina (whom I am starting to loathe) and I feel like I’ve done nothing but dash from one sick child to another and back round again.

*I’ve also been working on adding a new section to the blog about cooking because I am obsessed with cooking and eating these days.

*Over the weekend CP and I pulled out some boxes from the basement in our never ending task to declutter, and I discovered my high school yearbooks.  Egads.  You gotta love the styles of the early 90’s.

In these boxes I also found books, books and more books.  You have to know me to know how much I love books.  My fondest wish is to get trapped inside a bookstore overnight (or for days at a time is fine too).  I love books.  All kinds of books.  Some of my favorites used to be listed in the sidebar, I might have to add them again.  I’m currently reading How To Be Good; The Night Train To Lisbon (which I’ve been reading for upwards of a year, it’s just kind of intense and taking me forever in stops and starts); War and Peace (which I promised myself a year ago I’d read in the span of a year.  I’m on page 5…); Anna Karenina; My Life In France, The House of Mondavi and I just started Gone With The Wind.

Yes, I am reading them all at the same time.  It’s just the way I am.  I once labeled myself as having book adhd and that is obviously still true.

There were also old cd’s (and scarily cassette tapes!!) in the box.  Sunset Boulevard; Ricky Martin; Les Miserables; and Jimmy Buffet.  I guess my music tastes then and now are still eclectic.  (For the record, I got rid of the Ricky Martin.)  I found a disc labeled My Novel which I have yet to take a look at because I can’t even imagine how old this must be.  If there’s one thing I do know it’s that my writing only gets better with age and what’s on that cd could be truly frightening.

But it has spurred to realize I’ve been neglecting writing in general.  All the ideas are sitting up in my brain but I’m just not letting them out.  So I’ve taken to scheduling my days.  A literal blueprint to each day highlighted by hour on my beloved whiteboard.  Thus far, I’ve managed to follow the schedule once out of a week’s worth of trying but that is progress at least.  A step in the right direction.

The other thing I’m looking forward to is Spring.  As in warmer weather and no snow days and ice and dreary cloudy skies.  I think is the real culprit in my lack of desire to actually do anything these days.  It’s too cold, and too depressing outside.  I recently bought a print entitled House of Usher from Kevin of Irish Gumbo and Oncatography fame.  I’m thinking it’s time to put that photo front and center.  It’s an inspiring, lonely and intriguing picture. Inspiration was the reason I wanted to buy the picture in the first place.  I stared at it and thought there was just something about it that made me want to write or create or do.

So I will.

Have you felt overwhelmed by life and the winter blues of late?  Do you have anything that’s inspiring you?

*If you haven’t checked out Oncatography, Go!  Do it! Now!

5 thoughts on “Out of the Box: Life, Fish, Books and Random

  1. I always get the winter blues, and then I start second guessing every little part of my life. I hate that!I love reading, but you are probably reading more than me. I would read a new book a day if I could!


  2. I can't even claim it's winter that has me bluesy these days, it's been pretty warm compared to the rest of the country. Any chance of writing anything was pretty much unreachable for me. I think scheduling and discipline is a good start. So is it true I can expect you around this neck of the woods? I'll show you my high school yearbook if you show me yours. My condolences about your fishy's untimely demise.


  3. You had me until you got to Ricky Martin. Seriously? I never woulda pegged you as that type. ;)You know I'm with you in the whatthehellhappenedwhydon'tibloganymore club. Sorry about the fish.


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