Dirty Talk

Let’s talk dirty.  Cause this is something that’s making me unbelievably crazy.

This is the detergent I use.  Cheer Dye Free, Sensitive Skin detergent. (Come on, what did you really think I was going to talk about?)  I’ve been using some form of Cheer forever because every other brand I’ve tried – Tide Free, Sun, Ultra, whatever else is out there – always makes my skin itch, gives me hives and bumps on my body.

It’s highly attractive.

Lately though, even Cheer is causing me to be constantly scratching my back and arms and legs like a mad-woman.  I can’t stand it.  I’ve switched out the soap I use in the shower, I’ve started wearing unscented lotion.  I’m still itching!

The final conclusion I can make is that it’s either my water (which is in all realm of reality probably the problem.  Have you smelled the water that comes out of the tap in Kentucky?  That’s just nasty.  I certainly don’t drink it but unless I’m going to use bottled water to shower, it’s going to have to touch my skin.)

Or the problem is my detergent.

So I’m asking, no begging all of you, to tell me what detergent you use.  Does anyone have sensitive skin in your family? Should I go with a more organic/green choice?  Will that make a difference?


4 thoughts on “Dirty Talk

  1. We use Purex, all formulas seem to be good but the sheets come in clear formulas. E has the same problem. Good luck, and if the sheets work for you, my kids love to use them and help. Bonus!


  2. Go to Dick's hunting dept. Since deer see UV images (especially in very dim light) and have great noses, there are many brightener (phosphates) free and perfume free detergents there. We hunters use them to try to remain hidden from the quarry, however, since they're nothing but soap, many “hyperallergic” people use them very successfully for their skin issues.This tip compliments of @CincywallyjPS. You got me here with the “dirty talk”. Told DW I had to check it out!lol


  3. There are lots of studies showing that the recommended amount of detergent is about three times what you need, and more if you have an efficient washer. If your water really smells, put a cheap whole house filter on then cut back drastically on the amount of detergent you use. I also have better luck with Persil sensitive or Tide sensitive but powder in both cases.


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