The Fashion Flip-Book

Recently, I reorganized my closet, thanks in part to my dog who could not stop pulling my pajamas off the low shelf I kept them on. An entire closet makeover was in order, which led me to thinking about how I pick out my clothes every morning. It’s generally a rushed kind of thing.

Wake up at 6:40.
Get 12 year old out the door on time.
Sometimes go back to sleep for 20 minutes. (Okay, 30 minutes.)
Run downstairs and either have coffee if I didn’t indulge in more minutes under the warm covers, or quickly set out breakfast for the 8 year old.
Wake up 8 year old, or most commonly, ask her to stop playing and get dressed for school.
Stand in front of wardrobe for indeterminate amount of time trying to figure out what to wear keeping in mind if it’s September – June, it’s raining.

Here’s where I had a little brainwave.

What if I had something that I could look at in the morning that already had assembled outfits? For the record, I’m not the type to pick out my clothes the night before (that only happens when we go on vacation which usually requires getting up at 5 so we can be at the airport for an 8 am flight. On those days, I plan ahead.) I know there are apps that can assemble your outfits. I used to have one but I could never get the picture of the item to input correctly into the app. And let’s be honest, again, taking a picture of every single piece of clothing several times to input it correctly, got tiring after about item 7.


So I’m thinking photo flip book. Just like my book books, I like physical things to hold onto. I’m not all about the e-reader (though I have one, I never use it). I like holding a book, turning the page, using a post it note or half finished grocery list as a bookmark. That is my style. That is me. A physical flip book (maybe on a key ring type of thing, like paint swatch books?) would work very well for me. And by photographing complete outfits it will save time, and then serve as a reminder of what I wore when. As dorky as it is, I feel dumb when I remember I wore the same sweater this Thursday to after school activity pick up as I did last Thursday. Like the people I might see once a week would actually care. They might not, but I do.


I’ve also started pairing down and rebuilding my wardrobe. I’m constantly redefining what my style is. When I looked in my closet I realized I have a lot of colors, lots of deep pink, blues, and other colors.


I don’t follow fashion specific blogs because I honestly can’t afford (or maybe I’m not willing to spend the money) on keeping up with all the trends. I do not have $600 for a pair of shoes (I could find a lot of books to spend that money on, and also buy a pair of nice $80 shoes). When the blogs I follow do post about fashion, I find myself drawn to the classic pieces; black and grey and maybe a simple print or stripe. I have never met a stripe I didn’t like. Total truth. A more classic style or neutral color scheme in my wardrobe will give me more choices. I can always add color with a scarf, necklace, shoe, belt, bag, coat etc. I have a great bright green wool pea coat from Nordstrom that I adore and looks fantastic with black.

It’s slightly brighter than this color but I adore this coat despite that it doesn’t have a hood and isn’t waterproof.

A flip book would also be useful when going shopping for new items for my closet. I admit I shop online a lot these days because the closest stores, Banana Republic and LOFT outlets, I’m sick of them. I love J. Crew and back when they were new, I used to buy almost everything from there. They’ve become quite expensive now; well beyond what I think their clothes are worth. However, they do have an online outlet, so I find things there. Online shopping, yes, I do.


I’m also fond of Nordstrom’s BP which is the juniors department, but it’s the easiest place to find sizes that fit me. I’m an online only shopper at BP because I just find Nordstrom (at least in Bellevue) intimidating. It’s hard to find the gem amongst the $115 t-shirts.

The store that definitely gets a nod from me, and I think fits my style, is Boden Very classic, British and beautiful.

I might be thinking more classic black and grey simply because we are heading into winter, but it seems like black has always been a staple of fashion. Maybe that’s the best place to start when redefining a style.

*pictures were saved from Pinterest ages ago and I do not have the links to the sources.

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