We have four months, and that’s not enough time


Having done the great move overseas before, I know that four months notice is tight to get everything accomplished. It is very odd (quirky, comical, ironic), that in 2005, days before Thanksgiving, we were asked to move to Germany. We left in March 2006.

Fast forward to two days before Thanksgiving this year. We were offered the chance and made the decision to move to London, and will likely leave in April. The timing is pretty funny even though my husband worked for a different company the first time. It seems we always have news to share at the thanksgiving table!

Four months, really five, seems like plenty of time to get everything together. The hard part is that the majority of things that need to get done come down to the last 4-6 weeks.

– finding a house/flat to rent in London (I’m extremely realistic about what that will mean being that we are looking to live IN London, on a very good budget, but still it’s not going to be the 3400 square foot suburban life we are used to

-we need to figure out how to return/sell two leased cars. One 8 months early, and one 24 months early

-we need to rent out our current home in Seattle (since in all likelihood we will be returning here, unless I can convince my husband we should move somewhere warm for a change, like Spain)

-I need to get all the paperwork finished to import one overly barkful mini-daschund

-we need to get our kids into our preferred (and currently full), IB school; this is also important because we need to get into a school first, then find a place to live since public transport will be our only method of transportation

-we need to organize, sell, or store items and be realistic (ruthless) regarding what possessions we bring to London, space is at a premuim, and sadly, most of my book collection will have to stay behind in storage

-we need to sort out renewing 3 of 4 passports that would expire while living in London


Right now I’m all about reading about what we want to do and see in London, and learning about different areas. I’m having fun on Zoopla looking at flats, and figuring out getting from one tube to another.

It’s all fun. The house hunting trip in February-March will be even more fun.

Then it’ll become reality 24/7, that we are moving our entire existence to a foreign country, and I will freak out about all the shit that still need to get done.

It will get really real, really fast. Last time I stood in the kitchen as the movers removed the final box and cried. And I was excited about going to Germany!

After moving countless times (I think this will be 13-14?) I still feel like it’s the first time. I just hope I don’t forget anything. Anything vital anyway, London is after all a ginormous city.

Four short little months to go. The next time I say lovely, and quite, and bugger, it’ll hopefully be because I’m in England.

*picture from my first and thus far only, visit to London. July 2007.

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