A little thing called commitment

So much has happened since I last updated – vacation in Hawaii, swimming with tropical fish and turtles, seeing a volcano…and visiting the nicest urgent care in Honolulu – it’s somewhat crazy. I think the week in the hot sun was so, so good for my mindset because I feel refreshed and ready to tackle the next four months of dreary Seattle weather. Although, today of course it was sunny.

But I know that will change.

Because it always does. Anyway.

The last time I updated I talked about wanting to live simpler, and that is still a goal. Along with living simpler, for me anyway, I want to try to live healthier. I am 5’6 and 104 pounds, I don’t get winded on stairs, and my ticker is just fine (so says last years double echocardiogram and a visit to the cardiologist, a story for another day). The thing is, I am not an exercise type of person.

You want to go hiking? Sure.

Horseback riding? Absolutely!!

Workout? Um, no, not really. I used to enjoy running on occasion. Okay it was brief but only because my foot started acting up and pretty much nixed the entire deal. Well, the foot has just completed (yet another) round of 6 weeks of PT, and is doing probably as well as it ever will.

Does it mean I’m going to take up running again? It sounds lovely, but I know in reality, I won’t do it. I am just not motivated to get out there, in the cold, and the rain, in the cold AND the rain, and run. I am also not an exercise video person. I used to have this great vcr tape (and how funny that my Mac doesn’t even recognize vcr and keeps trying to change it), and we all know what happened to the vcr.

So no tapes.

I tried yoga. I liked it but again, I would probably need to follow along with something or somebody, and I don’t see me paying for classes. I thought about adult ballet, because I loved it for years as a child. But apparently it’s popular now and called Barre Class?

What that is, is not ballet. Not in the sense I want to participate in. I was riding horses and taking lessons for a good long while there, but that’s expensive, and finding a good stable is hard to do, especially one with a good teacher.

If I can’t really commit to the workout thing, then all that’s left is eating right. I already do a pretty bang up job in my book. I like an occasional sweet, and I mean occasional unless its something small like Lemonheads, or Junior Mints, and then don’t even get me started. I rarely eat ice cream or pie or cake. I don’t do red meat other than the occasional burger out, and we eat veggies most nights at dinner. I’m a certified fruit-a-holic, and love grapes, and mango, and melon like it’s going out of style.

I decided to try something called ‘green juices’. It’s not new. at all. I’m behind the trend. Naturally. But I’ve been staring at them in the grocery for ages, and decided to give it a go. After careful research (i.e. ten minutes on the internet), I decided the best choice for my beginning tastebuds is the Evolution Fresh Sweet Greens and Lemon. This could go horrible wrong. But it could also go delightfully right. I am hopeful that a coffee, granola, and an Evo Juice will be the key to my day starting out right. I’m crossing my fingers that it will also help with the winter blahs, and perk up my days.

So I don’t continue to sit around watching Vampire Diaries on a constant loop.

Yes, I admit to that guilty teenage pleasure even though I am hardly a teenager. If we are all honest, I know I am not the only one as it’s on it’s 6th season, so obviously someone is watching it.

There. I wrote out The Plan, I made The Commitment. I’ve read if you write a goal down publicly, you are more likely to actually do something.

Here’s to a green juice morning.

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