Ripping off the bandaid

Are you a clothes person? or a shoe person? or a collector of other things person? I like clothes. I am not a person who is obsessed, in fact I’d like to think I am pretty minimalist when it comes to clothes (my husband has more than I do). Lately though I’ve really been cleaning out the closet (and admittedly buying a few new pieces), but I keep coming back to the same few items. Those things I either got for a steal (a Diane von Furstenburg wrap dress for $45?!) or items that I fell in love with, bought, and just haven’t worn (I’m looking at you flower print Boden skirt) and you Michael Kors leopard print heeled boots.

I have been using sites like and a few times to sell (and buy) items I simply don’t want anymore. I do try to live by the theory that if one item comes in, one item must go out. This week I stopped by a local consignment store with a ton of things; pants, my Banana Republic leather coat I bought 17 years ago for that Super Bowl party at Andrew’s, those super cute cowgirl boots from Nashville that just kill my feet…

I’m regretting a few items I handed over (like that coat, and those boots) but realistically, I can’t wear the boots, they simply do not fit correctly for my UnRuly foot. And while I love that coat, it’s softer than butter! here in Seattle, and in my future in London, I haven’t worn it more than once or twice. I was always worried every time it stared at me from the depths of the closet that if I put it on, and wore it, it would get rained on and ruined.  So I would sigh deeply, and reach around it for the $40 Columbia rain coat. The practicality factor of life in the Pacific Northwest. This jacket is the one item I will have to stop myself from buying back. Full. Stop.

It’s coming down to the critical time to declutter. The Husband is moving to London in a very short week and a half. My ticket to London for house hunting in May is booked, my mother in law already has her ticket to come stay with the kids, and our household goods evaluation is on the books. This sh*t, as they say, is getting real. We are still waiting for word on acceptance to 2/3 schools the kids applied to. The time has come to make room in the gigantic American closet so that things can fit the free-standing teeny tiny London wardrobe.

It’s harder than it looks. I keep thinking I’ll wear that DVF wrap dress (and I wore it for a whole 30 minutes today and then didn’t like the shoes I had with it (not fancy/shiny/sophisticated enough), and I know I won’t wear those MK boots (and I know my foot is never really going to be healed enough to allow me to wear 3 1/2 heels to make them worth taking up space, not to mention we will not have  car in London and will walk/take the tube everywhere). Letting go of these things is hard. I like them. I know I will never get a price for them that will feel okay to me ($89 for the boots, never worn outside and I still have the box!), and for whatever reason I just can’t seem to let them go.

This would explain why I still have the dress I wore on my first date with The Husband. Ann Taylor, black with white flowers, sleeveless, ankle length, and buttons up the front. Sentimental value I suppose.

I’m going to have to let it all go I think (well, not the first date dress…). Whether I recoup those dollars I spent or not, whether someone else will appreciate these items the way I do (and by that I mean staring at them in the closet every morning, and then reaching for my jeans). It’s time to rip off the bandaid and make room.

I’m going to look on the bright brightside of this declutter. I hear London has some pretty nice shops….

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