City List

I recently read a post over at Flying House about Paris, or rather cute Parisian style clothes. We’ve been to Paris, numerous times while we lived in Germany, and I had visited when I was in high school with my French class.

J’adore Paris!

Times about ten billion.

I love the French. I know a lot of people think they are snobbish (my husband is not a big fan of the French), and it’s possible they are, but I’ve always had a such a lovely time in France. Je parle francias un petite peu. If you try to speak French, that snobbish thing eases up immeasurably. How can you not love sitting on the sidewalk at a cafe, sipping espresso, eating a croissant, and watching the world go by?

To me that is a dream come true. I would, and could do that and never get tired of it. My bank account would get tired long before I would.

As I was reading today, I started thinking about where I’ve been, and where I still want to go. We’ve been working on a list of places we want to visit during our two years in London. Some are repeats. They say the majority of people vacation someplace they’ve already been. And that’s incredibly sad, but if you think about someplace you’d want to go for a relaxing vacation, you do tend to think about a place where you’ve already had that experience. I know I’d go back to Paris, back to Maui, back to Milan.

When you list out the places you’ve been, and the places you want to go, it gives you a goal to strive towards. My goals include a lot of frequent flier miles.

Have Been:

Paris, Milan, Venice, Nice, Monaco, Arles, London, Brussels, Lisse, Taipei, Berlin, Bonn and surrounding areas (obviously since I lived there for nearly 4 years), Aachen, Bermuda, Mexico, Luxembourg, Kerry, Dingle (and others around Ireland)

I know there are more but I can’t seem to remember them (it is a Monday…)

Have To:

Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Sydney, Pisa, Tuscany, Dublin, Glasgow, Edinburgh, various locations around the English countryside and sea, Portugal, Barcelona, Prague, Tokyo, Rome, Tahiti

There are other places, but I think that covers my bucket list. I’ve been asked, as we are about to begin living in our third country, if I would live somewhere else abroad after London. I’d have to say yes, I would. There’s so much to see and do, and so much adventure out there. If you don’t do it now, then when? There will always be something that stops you if you spend to long thinking about it.

So, don’t think! Just do!

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