Have Suitcase, Will Travel

I remember way, way, way back when blogging was still an relatively unknown thing. I am not saying I started a trend or anything close to that, but many incarnations ago, back in 2005 (okay, wow, that was ten years ago. Where.Does.The.Time.Go?) I started a blog to capture daily life as we moved to Germany, adopted a baby, traveled a lot, spoke a little, and basically discovered the absolute joy that comes from living in another culture. There have been many versions, and names, and stops and starts, and it has all come full circle to this blog. Which I started because we are about to move to London. In case you haven’t been reading along this whole time, and don’t already know that.

In SIX days I leave to fly to London and see The Husband (and his temporary digs), eat fish and chips, find a flat to live in, drink beer, take a tour of the kids kick-ass international school, and maybe pick up a souvenir or two or three. I only have 7 very short days to basically discover why I am so excited to move to London.

My motto at birth should have been Have Suitcase; Will Travel.


Tommy HIlfiger Signature Weekend Tote

What I am trying to do this week (in addition to readying the house top to bottom for a rental showing on Friday, and my mil ‘s arrival), is pick out a wardrobe for London. I was there in July 2007 for a weekend.  All I remember is it was hot, and it rained, but I loved it. There’s a tricky side to packing for this trip; I want to look sophisticated and put together but also realistic as my mode of transportation will be the tube and my own two feet. The problem is I want to pack more than 7 days worth of clothes, because I have more than 7 days worth of things I want to wear.

There will likely be rain, and stairs. There will definitely be several days with a letting agent/relocation specialist, and an afternoon with the assistant headmaster of the school.

I must look put-the-heck-together. Not my usual casual jeans and cute sweater routine. I’ve been told London can be dressier than Seattle.

Everything is dressier than Seattle which I’ve lamented on before (somewhere). So nice shoes, a dress, maybe a skirt or two for the days when I am not just trying to stay awake and un-jetlagged at The Husband’s apartment. Or in the pub.

I’ve been promised The Pub. And I want to be awake to see The Pub. I’m sure I’ll be geekily Instagraming the entire trip.

The children will not be accompanying me (thanks to grandma for the assist!), and I definitely think something a little bit nicer is in order. Let’s hope The Husband is up for wearing his nice jeans. Since he gets to wear jeans everyday at work (talk about his dream job), I’m thinking he should pull out his ‘school interview’ pants* this week.

Who knows? We might end up in front of the queen (as The Husband did this past weekend as the queen drove right by him, and waved.) The royal baby might arrive while I’m there. And who knows? The Duchess of Cambridge would certainly deserve the (almost temporary) citizens of the country to be wearing lovely clothes to celebrate her child’s arrival.


I’ll do anything to justify packing heels and a dress. Or two. Or maybe some wedges and a skirt. Definitely a blazer. Or two.

Maybe I need more than one handbag?! And something to put my huge camera in while out and about?!

Maybe I need more than one suitcase while I’m at it.

*pants literally bought for when he went round to look at schools in January. Considering the schools he looked at are chock full of parents driving Volvo’s and Range Rover’s we figured a nicer than jeans pair of pants were in order. We were right.

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